Organic Deodorant

Organic Deodorant


You've found the world's largest selection of USDA certified organic deodorants! 

We have a formula for everyone! 

  • Pit Putty: an organic powder-based deodorant that absorbs wetness. USDA certified organic.
  • Pit Putty Cream: an organic deodorant cream for even and invisible application. USDA certified organic. 
  • Pit Buddy Sensitive Deodorant Cream - gentle on skin, tough on odor! All organic ingredients except zinc oxide. (non nano)
  • Pit Perfect: an organic deodorant for on-the-go, easy application. An all-around great choice if you're just starting your natural deodorant journey. USDA Certified Organic
  • Deodorant Sprays: a convenient organic deodorant spray that neutralizes odor on contact! USDA Certified Organic