We're Proud of Our Crumbles

We know it crumbles--and we're proud of it! 

Who ever thought that crumbling deodorant would be a good thing? 

We've known since the beginning that Pit Putty crumbles. We knew it wouldn't be a product that we could mass-market to the general public in thousands of stores around the country. It's just not that kind of product. But we formulated this first-of-its kind product with your health AND your underarm health in mind. Maybe we wouldn't become millionaires off it, but it was the right thing to do. 

We wanted something that would go on powdery and absorb wetness. 

The more powder we could get in your pit, the better! More powder means more wetness control (and thus odor control) but it also means less chance for skin reactions. Most underarm rashes with natural deodorants are caused by perspiration issues. Wheter it's intertrigo (red raw rash starting in the crease of skin) caused by skin-to-skin friction. Or heat rash--when pimple-like bumps develop because wetness gets trapped in pores. Even fungal infections (caused by moisture) or infected sweat glands (big lumps) that need to be treated with medicines. We wanted a product that does so much more than control odor and smells good. We wanted a product that gives you the best chance at keeping your underarm odor-free AND healthy. 

We didn't want to add chemicals. 

Yes, we could have added some stabilizers like steareth-20 and propylene glycol to make the bar more solid, but what would be the point? You can get chemical-based deodorants from the big manufacturers. That's not what we're about. We're about making the purest of the pure. USDA certified organic, with no compromises. 

We didn't want it to stain. 

We created a formula that's mostly powder--no oil stains here. If it gets on your clothes, a simple wipe with a damp washcloth will remove it. 

Having Trouble with Application?

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