About Us

The Bubble and Bee Story


Hi! This is Stephanie. Let me tell you my story!

In 2005 I was diagnosed with adenomyosis. When the doctors said that the only cure would be a hysterectomy or to have a baby I was incensed! I was only 25 and neither was an option for me. They wanted to put me on birth control pills to regulate my hormones, but I felt like that was just covering up the symptoms and not addressing the actual hormonal imbalances. 

This led me on a search to find out why my hormones were so out of balance. I learned that many environmental toxins acted like estrogen in the body, and many of these xenoestrogens, like aluminums in antiperspirant, were in the personal care products I was using on my skin. 

I searched for products without harmful chemicals, but even the products in the health foods stores had parabens and phthalates. So, I drew upon my background in chemistry and started making products for myself. 

After my friends and family started using my products and giving rave reviews, I thought, hey! This could be a business! Why don't I sell these at the farmer's market on the weekends? 


In 2007 Bubble & Bee Organic was born. A short year later we had landed our first wholesale account with Whole Foods and launched our website.

Now, more than 15 years later, Bubble & Bee is still going strong. We're not out to get in to every store around the country, or to sell out to a multi-national corporation. We just want to make high-quality products and never compromise our standards. If that means staying small, we're cool with that.

Steph at farmer's market in 2007

We make everything in our own USDA certified organic processing facility in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. By manufacturing in-house we know exactly what's going in our products and can ship out in small, fresh batches. When you order, you can be sure that everything was made, labeled, and shipped out by a real person. A member of the "Bee Team" as we call it here!

To this day, I insist on being in direct contact with our customers and always being available to answer questions about our products. You can still reach me directly at stephanie [@ ] with any questions you might have. 

Oh, and those hormone imbalances? I fixed them naturally and just became a first-time mom at 42!