Pit Putty Sticks

Pit Putty Sticks

Pit Putty USDA Certified Organic Deodorant

pit-stick-lav-van-web-sized.jpgPit Putty is safe for all ages, smells great, work even better! Pit Putty is our original formula (don't accept imitators!) that contains no artificial fragrances, fillers, binders, aluminums, parabens, or hidden ingredients. We formulate holistically with your skin (and odor!) in mind. We have the world's largest selection of USDA certified organic deodorants and guarantee that we have a formula that works for your body chemistry! The Pit Putty Sticks are best for wetness-absorption and for people prone to underarm rashes. We recommend them for light sweaters applied alone, or, for heavy sweaters, layered with our Pit Putty Creams.

  • Arrowroot powder absorbs sweat
  • Perfect for sensitive underarms
  • No aluminum
  • Vegan 
  • Guaranteed to Work!


We have options WITH and WITHOUT baking soda, but all formulas are formulated to be skin safe. They go on powdery, silky, and smooth -- not gritty or harshly tugging on your skin or hair. Because they are so soft and silky, application should be gentle. 

Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, organic extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, baking soda (depending on variety), organic essential oils and/or scent extracts. (Refer to individual products for exact listings)

More than a Decade of Formulating Experience

steph-revised.jpgWe've been formulating deodorants since 2007 and have sold to tens of thousands of customers in that decade (plus) of business. We know what works on skin AND on odor. We've seen companies come and go. Sell out to multi-national corporations. Reformulate and start sneaking in artificial ingredients. We're still independently owned and owner-operated and dedicated to purity and the highest ingredient standards around. We're one of the few companies where you can actually contact the owner and get a personal email response. We're not about taking over the world, we just want to make safe products that we (and you) can feel good about.