Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your products gluten-free?
A. Yes! EVERYTHING in our line is gluten-free. You may notice some ingredients like oats and grain alcohol that are possible gluten sources, however, we have tested these ingredients to a 10 ppm sensitivity test and they came back negative. Woo hoo!

Q. Are your products vegan?
A. A number of them are. We use beeswax and honey in some products, which some vegans choose to avoid. Products with beeswax or honey are our lip balms, lotion sticks, lotion bars, honey & rosehip facial cleanser, and the beeswax-based deodorant sticks. Shower gels, soaps, pit puttys, face creams, cucumber and pineapple face washes, deodorant sprays, baths salts, salt scrubs, insect repellent, soap nuts are all 100% vegan.

Q. Are your products safe during pregnancy? I've heard that there are some essential oils to avoid during pregnancy.
A. ALL of our products are safe for use during pregnancy, barring any personal allergies of course. Check out our article about which essential oils to avoid during pregnancy here.

Q. I need help with shampoo.
A. Please visit our shampoo help page!

Q. I need help with Pit Putty.
Please visit our Pit Putty help center.

Q. Are there any non-organic ingredients used in Bubble & Bee products?
A. We develop all of our products to have as much organic content as possible. However some products are impossible to make 100% organic due to the physical properties needed for particular products. For instance bubble bath is not possible to make certified organic, as there are no raw agricultural ingredients that have the pysical and chemical properties needed to reduce the surface tension of water in order to create bubbles. Baking soda is an ingredient that we find helpful in the deodorizing process, and it is a substance that's allowed in an organic product, however, because it's not a product of agriculture that's grown out of the ground, there's no such thing as organic baking soda. For a full chart of our products and level of organic certification, visit this page. 

We have extensively researched and have only allowed one synthetic ingredient in our products: decyl glucoside. We use it in our salt scrubs, foaming hand soap, Head-to-Toe Wash, and bubble bath. Decyl glucoside is a naturally-derived surfactant that has no known or suspected side effects. As opposed to other synthetic surfactants (surfactants are substances that foam and clean), it doesn't have any contamination concerns, it's highly biodegradable, and it's so gentle it can come in contact with skin at full strength. (We tested it, too!) It currently is awarded a 0 risk score on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website, so we use it when we want to make bubbles where soap won't. At Bubble and Bee, we always want you to have choices.(Read more about our organic certification here.)

Q. What's your return policy?
A. Please visit our store policy page.

Q. Can we call you on the phone?
A. We are currently not offering phone support due to limited staffing. Please contact us via our Live Chat System, or through e-mail 24 hours a day at

Q. I run/work for a charity organization and was wondering if you could donate products for our event/cause.
We would love to help everyone with their good cause. Unfortunately, our marketing budget is very limited and we can only fulfill a very small fraction of requests we receive. You can feel free to direct your donation request to for consideration.

Q. Does your deodorant work?
A. Yes! Absolutely. But what works for some, doesn't work for others. It's all about finding the right blend for yourbody chemistry. Your search for a truly natural deodorant that works ends with us! If the first one you try doesn't work for you, let us know and we'll replace the product with another scent until you find something that works for you. We've offered this guarantee since the beginning, and so far we literally have a 97% success rate! Please read our deodorant return policy here.

Q. Conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants make my underarms break out. Will yours do the same?
A. Our deodorants have a very, very, very, high success rate when it comes to reactions. We have numerous stories of people who always had a problem with deodorants until they tried ours. Our products are non-irritating, gentle, natural, and effective. Of course, we can't guarantee that everyone isn't allergic to every ingredient we use; that would be impossible. And some underarm rashes are caused by underlying medical conditions; of course no product other than a drug can help with that. That said, we feel confident that you will find a product from our wide variety that will work just for you. Need help choosing? Visit this page. Also check out this Guide to Underarm Rashes on our blog.

Q. What's your strongest deodorant? Can you recommend one for me/my family member?
Please visit our deodorant choice help page.

Q. I want to carry your products in my store. Do you sell wholesale? Can you send us samples?
A. We love adding new retailers to our list. If you are a brick-and-mortar store in the US, please send an e-mail to info @ (omit spaces) for a wholesale application. We cannot export wholesale orders outside the US and currently do not sell to online retailers. For a current list of retailers that carry our products, visit this page. After we receive your wholesale application and approve your account, you may purchase samples at wholesale price before you place your full order. We do not have free samples to send out; everything we make is made by hand. Our goal is to bring to you the freshest product possible, so we make everything in small batches. We don't have mass-produced one-time pouches for sample use. When you place your wholesale

Q. Why are your products not in a store near me?
It is up to each and every store to decide which products they carry. The number one way we can get in to a store is by customer demand. Please ask your local independent health food store, boutique, or salon to carry our products; we'd be delighted to be there! In the meantime, we offer low-to-no-cost shipping on our website!

For a detailed explanation of why we're not carried in a lot of corporate chain stores, check out this article.

We do have a few great retailers throughout the country, though. You can find the list here:

Q. Can you give me your opinion on a product, brand, or ingredient?
We recommend that you do your own ingredient sleuthing, and we offer many resources to help. Visit our Chemical of the Day blog for an extensive database of detailed information about ingredients. We also offer these articles, and our B&B blog for more information and helpful tips. If you have a question about an ingredient, request a Chemical of the Day article here. When looking for products, the cream of the crop can be found here on the Organic Consumers Association Coming Clean Campaign page. These are companies like us who have achieved organic certification. (Do note, though, that you should still read ingredients, as not all offerings from all companies are organic.)

Q. Do you use lye in your soap?
A. There is no way to make soap without the use of a strong alkali. Bar soaps typically use lye and liquid soaps use potash. For more information on this subject, read here.

Q. Is your site secure?
A. Yes, our store is powered by a very reputable processor on a secure server. You'll notice your address bar turn from http to https when you go to the check out page. This means that the checkout process is secure. We also have our own Secure Socket Layer, an added layer of production for you and your personal information.

Q. Do you conduct animal testing?
No way! We test our products on us, our friends, and our family. (I guess you could count them as animals...) We may also occasionally send our products out to testing labs. These testing labs are cruelty-free and only test on human subjects or in petri dishes.

Q. Do you offer a printed catalog?
 Yes! Although more information is on our website than in our printed catalog. If you're interested in receiving a print catalog, email us at info @ 

Q. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?
A. Not currently. Visit this page for more info.

Q. Do you offer free samples of your products?
A. No. We make our fresh, certified organic products in small batches by hand. We don't have mass-produced one-time pouches that we can send out to you. We know you'll love our products, and are always working towards offering more sample size products you can buy. Currently, Face Cream and Facial Cleansers have sample sizes (Face Cream SampleCleanser Sample Pack) our Pit Putty Cream Deodorants have sample sizes, and our body butters have sample sizes available.

Q. Is all your packaging BPA-free?
A. Yes! We won't touch the stuff or let it near our products!

Q. Have you ever thought of making (fill in the blank)?
We always have numerous products in development and products we want to make. The simple answer is yes, we have thought of making it....toothpaste, mouthwash, men's shaving cream, baby products, make up, sunscreen, perfumes, body washes, facial scrubs, more scents of everything, and we're working on them all. We commonly write updates about our upcoming projects on our blog. There are a number of deciding factors that contribute to if and when a product gets in to production, including customer demand, ingredient availability, safety of ingredients, costs of ingredients, availability of packaging, equipment needed for production, space available in our production and storage facility, graphic design demands, and legalities. If you have a product that you'd like us to make, we'd always love to hear your suggestion. E-mail us at info @

Q. Do you have a sunscreen? Do you have sunscreen recommendations?
Sunblock is one of the most requested products that we're asked for. Unfortunately sunblock is actually considered an over-the-counter drug by the FDA, so we have to put it through an enormous amount of testing. Here are our recommendations.

Q. I have a blog and would love to do a review/giveaway with you!
 Thanks for helping us spread the word! Please send a link to your blog, your readership numbers, and your mailing address to info @ for consideration.