Face Cream Trial Size

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Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic rosehip seed oil, vitamin E. That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!

Description: Now you can see just how much your skin will love our face cream in a sample size! Men's and Women's formula is the same, so this sample is appropriate for both. This sample comes simply packaged in a small jar. Our fantastic face cream contains no synthetic chemicals or preservatives, and is vegan, gluten-free and non-comedogenic.


Size: .25 fl oz

Shelf Life: 9 monts

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25 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Lorraine on 2nd Sep 2021

    This face cream simply feels luxurious! I rate it #1 face cream!!! I don't like face creams that leave my skin feeling like it can't breath. This one doesn't do that. Great ingredients. I don't need anything else!

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    Face lotion Trial size

    Posted by SB on 4th Apr 2021

    I put this on my eyes just to see because I cannot mix lotions anywhere on my body or face. This is great for me. I am so surprised that I didn’t have a reaction. I’ve tried using the same line of face lotion with the eye lotion and my face would get itchy and eyes would swell and tear up. And it is true a little bit goes a long way.

  • 5
    Face Cream trial size

    Posted by Sherri Garcia on 3rd Mar 2021

    I love this cream. A good friend of mine gave me some last year and I really enjoyed using it and have been hooked ever since.

  • 5
    Perfect moisturizer

    Posted by Emily Deubel on 11th May 2020

    Lightweight and leaves skin soft and smooth, no excess oil!

  • 4
    face cream

    Posted by erin on 1st May 2020

    i have tried this before and it works great for after bath time. it can be oily, but it does make your skin glow and super soft!!!

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    Another Awesome Product!

    Posted by Lorraine on 12th Feb 2020

    My face feels SO GOOD with this cream. It soaks right in and eliminates all my dry flaky area's and leaves my face feeling like my skin can breath with it on. It's all natural so I feel AWESOME every day with it!!!

  • 5
    organic shea face cream

    Posted by Diane on 13th Oct 2019

    I have ordered this several times and have learned that a little bit goes a long way. I used to think it was too greasy, but that was because I was putting way too much on at once. I wake up every morning to a very soft complexion. This product is best kept in the fridge. Enjoy!

  • 5

    Posted by Molly Thames on 17th Apr 2019

    I have tried MANY face moisturizers and this is the first one that doesn't leave my skin extra oily. My skin feels refreshed and bright. I Less is more- there are only 3 ingredients! Looking forward to trying more products!

  • 5
    face cream

    Posted by Marlene on 14th Jan 2019

    absorbs into skin well, is not heavy or greasy

  • 5
    Perfect moisturizer

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Nov 2017

    I absolutely loved the product, as so glad for the trial sizes since I have sensitive skin. I thought it might be to greasy for my skin, but it is perfect. After using it a couple weeks my skin feels like silk. A little goes a long way and it lasts all day. I was excited to order the full size container, the trial lasted almost two months so it was a great opportunity to really get the feel of whether it would work for me.

  • 2
    way too heavy

    Posted by Tanya Dakin on 29th Aug 2017

    I wish there were several face creams according to skin type, this would clog my pores instantly, I prefer a oil free facial moisturizer. It almost feels like the body butter.

  • 2
    Too Greasy

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2017

    I really did not like this. It's way too greasy. I was hoping after it was on my face for 10-15 minutes it would feel different but it did not.

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