Pit Primer

Pit Primer

Organic Deodorant Pit Primer


Sometimes we can end up with residual odors on our skin, even after a shower. Pit Primer contains live enzymes that instantly neutralize odors! When you start out with the cleanest slate possible, your deodorant will last longer. Boost the effectiveness of any natural deodorant you're using with Pit Primer. Also great for times on-the-go when you need a mid-day freshen-up. Take it camping or on the road for a convenient way to stay odor-free!

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  • Organic Pit Primer live enzymes neutralize odor on contact.

    Organic Pit Primer

    Ingredients: Organic witch hazel, organic rice enzymes, organic saccharomyces ferment), organic rosemary extract. Certification: USDA Certified Organic Do you have a tough case of odor? Find that even washing with soap and water doesn't get rid of...
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