Pit Primer

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Ingredients: Organic witch hazel, saccharomyces ferment, organic rosemary extract.

We call it a "shower in a bottle!" Deodorizes on contact. Can be applied *anywhere* on the body to neutralize odor!

Do you have a tough case of odor? Find that even washing with soap and water doesn't get rid of the funk? Need a mid-day freshen up to give you a clean slate odor-wise? PIT PRIMER contains cleansing witch hazel extract and live enzymes that instantly neutralize odors. Use it to prime your pits before you use your deodorant. Gentle on skin, appropriate for use in all areas of the body to remove odors.

Directions: Apply to clean cotton pad or ball and wipe area thoroughly to remove odors. Let area dry and apply deodorant. This is an unscented product with no essential oils. It has a slight alcohol-like, somewhat herbal aroma that dissipates quickly as it dries.

Size: 2 oz 

Shelf Life: 1 year

Packaged in glass bottle with plastic lid. Packaging may vary depending on availability of components. 

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68 Reviews

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    Pit Primer

    Posted by Jen on 29th Apr 2023

    I'm relatively new to the whole natural deodorant game and I was very nervous about being "armpit smelly" at any point during my day. Typically, when my armpits start stinking after a workout or a stressful situation, I have to take a whole shower to reset and start over. Then I met Pit Primer--this stuff is great! I put it on a cotton round and with a couple of armpit wipes, the smell is gone and I am ready to deodorize. I even carry it in my purse! Yes, natural deodorants are a bit more high-maintenance than your chemical-laden varieties, but I believe it's worth it. This Pit Primer coupled with the Bubble & Bee deodorants are a refreshing and great-smelling way to go!

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    Pit Primer

    Posted by Tom Hughes on 10th Dec 2022

    I don't need a lot and leaves a fresh scent, I appreciate having it before applying my put putty.

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    This is a wonderful product. I and my husband use it and find it to be very helpful in cutting the pit odor. We highly recommend it.

    Posted by Pit Primer on 12th Jul 2021

    great product we highly recommend it.

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    Pit Primer

    Posted by Marina on 2nd Jul 2021

    Gentle and works amazingly well.

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    Quick Refresher

    Posted by AWGA on 30th May 2021

    Great for a quick wipe down to refresh on a hot day before applying a fresh coat of deorderant

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    Start living your true life

    Posted by Chris on 19th May 2021

    I cant see myself ever going another day without this amazing product. I went from an offensive smelling punk rocker to a clean smelling one. My musk no longer offends my friends and family. Couple the primer with the tea tree spearmint pit putty and you'll be set.

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    So helpful!

    Posted by Jennifer on 3rd Apr 2021

    So far I am loving this! It is particularly helpful when I’ve forgotten to put on my deodorant (such as after a shower when. I was waiting to be fully dry. It quickly freshens me up so that I can apply my pit putty. The day my order arrived I was completely without deodorant and smelled gross (it’s hot here in Florida). It arrived just as I was about to head out of the house to have dinner with friends. I quickly opened the package, used this to cleanse my pits, applied my putty and headed out the door smelling lovely! I highly recommend it!

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    Posted by Judy on 3rd Apr 2021

    I first used Pit Primer on my underarms to help with odor and it worked great. But I noticed it also cleared up all the bumps I had there as well. You will find rice enzymes in a lot of very expensive products but Stephanie doesn’t add all the fillers and preservatives these other brands use. And it’s a fraction of what the other brands charge. I use Pit Primer all over and it has helped every skin issue I have! I attached a sprayer to the bottle and applied it to my flaky scalp after shampooing. No more itchy, flaky scalp. It has greatly reduced my skin tags. It cleared all this milia I had around my eyes. At first I initially used it several times a day and watched the milia or flaky skin, etc. slowly roll away. I use it when I feel an acne cyst starting and usually the Pit Primer will stop it before it turns into a bump. I spray it on the back of my arms and thighs after showers and it really smoothed my Keratosis Pilaris. It is the best, gentlest exfoliation I’ve found - spray it on my face everyday and my skin is smoother, less red and I seldom have breakouts now. I’m in my 50s and I’ve had these skin issues since I was a child. I’m so grateful to have found something that WORKS and doesn’t irritate my skin and isn’t toxic. I have been so embarrassed for so long and finally I have smooth skin!!!

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    Posted by Grandma on 2nd Nov 2020

    This is a wonderful product. For those extra sweaty does when you need more with the shower this is great. I highly recommend it.

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    Pit Primer

    Posted by Lisa on 19th Jul 2020

    I definitely notice a difference when I use this product prior to applying pit cream or pit putty. There is a reduction of smell for sure, not completely but it does help!

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    Pit Primer

    Posted by Karen on 5th Jul 2020

    I wish I had found this sooner. It really helps with the natural deodorants.

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    Life saver!

    Posted by Jasslin Barrett on 1st Jun 2020

    Totally has saved my arm pits from stinking! It makes a huge difference for me when I put it on before applying my deodorant by helping my armpits smell nice for a longer amount of time. I’m going to buy another bottle now! So thankful for this product!

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    Can’t Be Without

    Posted by Kelly on 18th Apr 2020

    I have been using Bubble & Bee Pit Primer for many years. I cleans my pits so no funky stink is left behind. I always buy a six pack of it when on sale! Thanks!

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    A Must Have!

    Posted by Andrea on 9th Nov 2019

    This product helps keep your "pits" clean! This product seems to help reduce build up and it keeps you fresh. It also helps my deoderant last longer!

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    Great Stuff! LOVE!!!!

    Posted by Lorraine on 26th Jun 2019

    This is a MUST for me! I love how this gives me an extra freshness! I feel more confident after I use this, let it dry, then put on my Pit Putty's. It will ALWAYS be in my cabinet! Makes a great difference!

  • 2

    Posted by Brandy on 17th Apr 2019

    I don't really notice a difference when using this. I probably will not purchase it again. Still love Bubble & Bee, though!

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    One of my favorite products

    Posted by Kate t on 18th Feb 2019

    This is one of my favorite products. It works really well as a primer before applying deodorant. I just wish it came in a larger size!

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    The Best Just Got BETTER!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2018

    Just realized that the newer version of the bottle has a better way of dispensing (applying) the liquid content. There is far less waste of the product now. BRAVO for making a fantastic product even better!

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    Love starting with this

    Posted by Clara on 17th Sep 2018

    Sometimes I scrub my underarms raw in the shower to make sure there is no scent at all before applying deodorant. Those days are over because as soon as I hop out of the shower I start with this primer. I love applying before any deodorant. I have not tried any bubble and bee deodorant without this primer but I am convinced that the primer is the bomb dot com so I refuse to go a day without it. I am convinced that it makes my deodorants last

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    Life saver

    Posted by Shelley Works on 10th Jun 2018

    Since switching to natural deodorant I have struggled with odor several hours into my work day. Pit primer has changed all that for me. It really works against odor & guards against underarm breakouts.

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