Choosing a Deodorant

We're asked all the time...what's your strongest deodorant? Actually, that's a trick question....there IS no deodorant
that's stronger than another. It's all about finding the right method of application and blend of ingredients for your 
particular body chemistry. We've created this chart to help you find the one for you!

Four Methods of Application




deod-stick-truly-web-sized.jpg pit-putty-jar-2-lav-van-web-sized.jpg

Pit Putty Sticks
(Available with and without baking soda)


Beeswax-Based Sticks

Pit Putty Creams


  • Powder helps absorb sweat
  • Stick application
  • Essential oils deodorize and help prevent bacterial growth
  • Baking soda helps prevent odor-causing bacterial growth
  • Long-lasting


  • Applies on skin clear. Good choice for tank tops.
  • Handy spray travels well and is great as a mid-day freshen up
  • Great for those with active lifestyles


  • Stays on skin nicely through sweating
  • Our original formula


  • Goes on clear
  • Powders help absorb sweat
  • Baking soda raises pH of underarm, making it less hospitable to bacterial growth.
  • Essential oils deodorize and help prevent bacterial growth


  • Stick is temperature-sensitive and can be tricky to apply.
  • White powder may show if wearing sleeveless clothing.


  • Doesn't have the powder for wetness absorption like the pit puttys or creams.


  • Doesn't have the powder for wetness absorption like the pit puttys or creams.
  • Can stain light clothing if applied too heavily.


  • Application from jar may seem unconventional.

But, in the words of Levar Burton "You don't have to take our word for it." 
We asked our Facebook Fans which worked best for them. Check out what they said.


"I really never write to people about products, but I have tried about a zillion different natural deodorants over the years, most of which haven't worked for me. There have been a few rare exceptions, but I just started using Pit Putty and I'm pretty smitten. Of course, I'll have to see how I fare in the dog days of summer, but so far, it's GREAT. I'm thrilled: thank you so much!!"

(Original Pit Putty works best for her)



(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream, and Geranium Lime Pit Putty Cream worked best for Allison)





(Geranium Lime Pit Putty Cream worked best for Stephanie)



(Geranium Lime Pit Putty worked best for Ashley)



"Well , I think the Spearmint Tea tree with baking soda is the ticket !!!! I even love the scent better than the Truly Herbal. you are totally correct with finding the right deodorant for each person's body chemistry! I think the Truly Herbal one just didn't jive with my body chemistry because my armpits just didn't smell right even after only 30 minutes of applying it. As I explained to you before, I was having to use the Herbal one 6-7 times a day, and even using alcohol wipes before each re-application. I was able to last with only my morning swipes with the Spearmint Tea Tree! I even woke up this morning with still a lingering mint smell!!!

thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!"

(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty worked best for her!)



"Thanks Stephanie! I LOVE the cream!!! As a matter of fact, yesterday I ordered all 'flavors' of the samples sizes of them to determine which is my favorite smell (so appreciate that you have sample sizes so I don't have to spend the money for the regular size before I know which one is my favorite)! At first I was a little iffy about a cream (I pictured my grandmother and her Tussy, LOL), but I am loving them. They are basically invisible too, and from a 'keeping smell at bay' perspective so great…I don't feel like I have to reapply every 4 hours like some of the other natural deodorants I've tried. My skin is pretty sensitive too, my old deodorant would make my armpits often dry & itchy, and your creams are so lotion-like and feel great on. Totally recommending them to everyone and can't wait to see which smell I like best! I'm funny about coordinating smells, so once I know I can order the lotions and shower gels that match, LOL!Thanks for the ideas on sprays too! When I order my 'big cream' next time I'll get a spray too! What other new products do you have coming out soon? Did I see something somewhere on your site about make-up and toothpaste? Keep them coming, I really like your brand!"

(Enjoying her Pit Putty Cream Sample Pack)


(Also enjoying her Pit Putty Cream Sample Pack)


"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using the Super Spray for a little while now, and it is working great! This is the first time I haven't been stinky since I switched to natural deodorants 3 years ago! I'm so excited and thank you so much for working with me to find my deodorant match.

Thanks again!"

(Super Spray worked best for her)


"I ordered 4 samples of your creme deodorant and I am in LOVE!!! Even better then the pit putty! So creamy and easy to apply ... and it smells so good I don't want to wash my hands after putting it on. : ) My favorite is the Jasmint. SO fresh and clean. As always, so pleased to be - CHEMICAL FREE With BUBBLE and BEE!"

Thanks again Stephanie,
~ Laura from Tucson

(Jasmint Pit Putty Cream was her fave!)



(Original Pit Putty was Rebecca's best pick)



(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream worked best for Mary)


"I am impressed every day when my fiance comes home from work smelling nice because of the Super Pit Putty.

Thanks a bunch!"


(Super Pit Putty's keepin' Kimiyo's man oh-so-fresh)


Hi Stephanie! I just wanted to thank you for the deodorant replacement! I got the geranium lime with baking soda and it's been working wonderfully! I actually find myself smelling my armpits through out the day because they smell so great! I'm definitely going to order the spray in that scent. The deodorant guarantee policy is much appreciated too. My boyfriend is now using the truly herbal that didn't work for me and loves it, I like how it smells on him too.

Another happy, devoted customer,
Tara :)

(Geranium Lime Pit Putty with baking soda is working for Tara
and the Truly Herbal Spray's working for her boyfriend)



(Jasmint Pit Putty Cream works for Jackie!)


(The Jasmint PIt Putty Cream also works for Melissa!)


"I'm trying out the deodorants now (spearmint and tea tree oil) and
so far am in love, and I am a sweaty hard core runner. :)"


(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty and Spray works for Amanda)


"I just wanted to let you know that I received the truly herbal spray as a replacement and I love it! The first day I had it, I went camping and hiking. I didn't stink the whole trip! It's still working great.
Thank you so much, I recommend your products to everyone!"


(Truly Herbal Spray was the one for Katie!)


"Thank you very much for sending the Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream replacement deodorant. The cream feels amazingly soft and smooth, and it smells wonderful. Best of all, it works!!! "


(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream works for Christine!)


"I just wanted to touch base with you on the replacement deodorants I ordered for my boyfriend and I awhile back. I ordered the new cream versions of the Geranium and lime for myself and the lemongrass for him. They work wonderfully!!! I can put it on in the morning and it will lasts pretty much until bedtime even with the ridiculously hot weather we have been having!!! Also, not only do they smell fabulous but they are also really moisturizing! We are both thankful for your help in finding a deodorant that works for each of us! Great customer service!

Take care!"

(Lemongrass Pit Putty Cream and Geranium Lime Pit Putty Cream work for these guys!)


"I ordered a stick of the tea tree pit putty. It worked really well most of the time except when it's stifling hot and I had just gotten back from a run... I decided to take your advice and go for the The Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream. Now, I have to admit I was skeptical... plus, I thought (and I'm embarrassed to admit this) "ew, I have to used my fingers to apply it... that's going to be inconvenient..." The first time I applied it I couldn't believe that thought ever crossed my mind. It just makes sense to apply your deodorant with your fingers! It ensures it's applied properly in that you never use too much and have more control over where it goes - plus, this stuff is so awesome it doesn't even have to be washed off your fingers. I absolutely LOVE the cream. It works unbelievably well. I can go for a run in this PA 90+ degree with humidity and still smell fabulous when I get home soaked with sweat. Your pit putty cream is a miracle - seriously. It is absolutely my FAVORITE product, ever and the only thing I've ever tried that 100% works.

Thanks a million,"

(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream was a winner for Randi!)


"I am usually sensitive to perfumed products but the lightly scented Pit Putty is perfect and does not bother me at all! Thank you so much for creating and selling these all natural products!!!"


(Geranium Lime Pit Putty worked out great for Tracey)

"Two days of using the pit putty and it has helped significantly control the sweat and odor! Today only reapplied once!!! That's huge!!

Thank you so much. I have wasted so much $ on deodorants. I can't believe the search ends here!

Your new and returning customer,


(Geranium Lime Pit Putty with Baking Soda was the one for Jessica)


(Original Pit Putty keeps John smellin' fresh!)



(Lemongrass Pit Putty was the one for Krystal!)



(Pit Putty worked for Amy!)


"I love the Spearmint & Tea Tree Cream! Thanks for recommending it. My husband started using it too so I ordered two more this weekend. It's great! I'm so happy to find a natural deodorant that works. I've been using Dove for years because Tom's of Maine didn't work for me. You have a new loyal customer! THANKS!"


(Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Cream was a winner for Meredith and her hubby!)


"I love the Lemongrass and Rosemary deodorant I ordered from you. It smells so good and works great! Thank you for these wonderful safe products and I will definitely be reordering!


(Lemongrass Rosemary Stick worked for Dawny!)


"I just wanted to let you know that all the products arrived in good shape. I've been using them for about a week now and I absolutely love them!

I love how the deodorant goes on and it smells great. My skin feels so smooth with it on. It also does a really good job keeping me from smelling. It's 4th of July weekend and I'm in a fife and drum corps. We have 4 parades this weekend. Today I went 4 miles, fully covered and I still smell pretty good. Nobody complained on the car ride home. It holds up as well if not better than the Dove brand I was using before. I feel much better using a product that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients.

Thank you for all the great products. I will defiantly be buying more. I've also been recommending you to friends. I can't wait try more of your products.


(Geranium Lime Pit Putty keeps Julie marchin' on!) 


As you can see...there's not ONE product that works for everyone. That's why we offer our special replacement guarantee, so if the first one you try isn't "the one" you can get something else, until you find just the right blend!