Super Organic Deodorant Spray (Lemon Clove Patchouli)

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NEW USDA Certified Organic formula! Gentler on skin, has live enzymes to neutralize odors on contact, plus powerful essential oils to prevent odor. Use it alone as a deodorant or as a mid-day freshen-up spray. 

Note: Currently comes in clear #1PET bottle, as the glass have been unavailable and continue to be out of stock at our supplier.
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10 Reviews

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    I miss the old one

    Posted by Melvin Johnsey Jr on 25th Mar 2018

    Hate to say it but not impressed, 1st the bottle cap leaked & also this is not near as strong as the old one, was impressed with old one because it staying power but sorry to this had no staying power lasted less than 3 hours the old one would last all day, I hate to write a bad review but I have to be honest & besides I ordered 2 bottles which I will not be able to use, again sorry for the bad review.

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    Clove to overwhelming

    Posted by Michelle on 10th Apr 2017

    The product works but the smell of clove is to overwhelming ,

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    Rethink the packaging for shipping.

    Posted by Barb in NH on 24th Sep 2018

    First off, I love this spray and find it works nicely at controlling odor. It's my weekend go to; on weekdays it the Super Pit Putty stick for me. But, maybe re-think shipping this with the sprayer installed and opt for a tight screw cap with the sprayer put on by the customer? My order had multiple items. This spray was in a zip lock bag with a cap over the pump spray and still managed to leak.

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    Posted by Lori on 19th Nov 2023

    LOVE this as a body spray! I don’t use it as a deodorant. Quick friendly service. Well packaged.

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    Super deodorant spray

    Posted by Michele on 15th Jan 2022

    Im cursed with stinky armpits. I have been using this spray for years, and I love it. I use it before bed for sleeping. During the day I use it under my cream deodorant. The combination works great for me. I love the scent. My favorite forever! Very natural. Deodorant combo works better than anything I find commercially made, and it's not toxic to my body. Thank you! Don't ever stop making this please!

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    Posted by Scott on 18th Nov 2019

    Very effective and nice smelling (for a man).

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    LOVE IT!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2018

    I work in a kitchen and serve food. (I'm a lunch lady). It gets pretty hot and sweaty. I do not smell at all and it's great!! This really helps with odor control and I love that.

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    Excellent Spray Deodorant

    Posted by Scruffy in Maine on 8th Aug 2017

    Works well and love the fact it's organic (of course). I do have two issues with the sprayer on the glass bottle. It dispensed far too much product. It also leaks quite a bit from around the pump base. If you spray twice under each arm - 4 total - you use about .15 percent of the product. I would recommend using the old white plastic non aerasol hairspray pumps that disperse much less product. I'd rather spray more times than spray once and have it run down the hairy wonderland. - Scruffy in Maine.

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    Posted by LINDA C on 17th May 2017


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    Favorite Deodorant

    Posted by Sam on 11th Dec 2016

    Really great fragrance, and the new formula smells almost exactly like the old one. So far it works great. I really prefer the spray over the putty because if/when I do sweat there are no white stains. For those concerned with oils staining clothing, I have never had a problem. Would always recommend letting it dry a little before putting a shirt on just to be safe though (doesn't take long). There are limited circumstances where it doesn't fight off odor all day, usually if I'm very stressed for long periods of time, but those are rare and no big deal. Still love it, this is the best organic deodorant I've tried, with the best ingredients.

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