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  • Design-A-Spray!
  • Design-A-Spray!
  • Design-A-Spray!


Ingredients: organic witch hazel, organic and natural essential oils, organic extracts, and additives of your choice.  

NOTE: Design-a-Sprays will now be made with organic witch hazel instead of alcohol. 

We love making your Design-a-Sprays and seeing what fun combinations you come up with! However, do know that ordering Design-a-Sprays will add processing time to your order, because we have to schedule your spray in to the production calendar. 

Use it as a: deodorant, room spray, body spray, air freshener. Create your own custom blends with your favorite fragrances. Here are some of our favorite suggestions...

Floral and Sweet Blends
Jasmine Vanilla
Ylang Ylang Hibiscus
Hibiscus Orange Coconut
Geranium Lime Coconut
Lavender Vanilla

Tropical/Fruity Blends
Pineapple Orange Coconut
Orange Coconut
Hibiscus Coconut
Orange Vanilla
Lemon Lime Coconut
Raspberry Coconut Vanilla
Raspberry Vanilla
Raspberry Lemon Vanilla

Earthy/Floral Blends

Lavender Rosemary 
Lavender Mint

Fruit & Spice Blends 
Cinnamon Orange Vanilla
Clove Orange 
Lemon Chai
Apple Ginger Vanilla
Apple Brown Sugar Chai

Spicy-Sweet Blends
Coconut Chai
Ginger Vanilla
Cinnamon Brown Sugar

Earthy/Spice Blends
Patchouli Clove
Chai Tea Tree

"Manly" Blends
Anise Lemon
Spruce Vanilla 
Eucalyptus Tea Tree
Patchouli Orange Vanilla
Rosemary Spruce
Spruce Eucalyptus Vanilla

Minty Fresh
Spearmint Eucalyptus Tea Tree
Peppermint & Vanilla
Peppermint Tea Tree

Suggested Deodorizing Blends
Lemongrass Tea Tree Baking Soda
Tea Tree Lavender Peppermint
Peppermint Lavender Rosemary
Rosemary Tea Tree
Geranium Coconut

Please note that this product does not qualify for our deodorant guarantee, as we design our deodorants based on the synergistic blends of essential oils and can't guarantee that the particular blend that you choose will work as a deodorant. (Although you best know your body chemistry and what works for you, so you might just design a winner!) This is a custom-blended product that we make just for you. Take care in choosing your blends; this item is not returnable or refundable. Dislikes of scents, allergies, reactions--these are not eligible reasons for return as they are based on your own particular sensitivities and preferences. We dilute the essential oils to standard levels that we have tested for safety before we send them out. However, each individual has their own levels of sensitivities to particular essential oils and compounds, so take care when choosing your blends. If you need advice for blends, feel free to e-mail us at or speak with us on our Live Chat system.  Because it is a custom item, it is not eligible for discounts with promo codes or sales. 

Size: 3 oz AS OF MARCH 20, 2022 Clear Plastic PET bottle. (Will go back to Amber glass when it is available.)

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39 Reviews

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    Posted by Rene on 4th Nov 2020

    I like being able to choose your scents but they definitely aren't strong enough. Not sure if I would try again.

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    Different use

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2018

    None of the bubble and bee deodorants work for me as deodorant. I’ve tried the stick, creams sprays and yes I’ve tried different scents for the body chemistry stuff they say and even bought the pre deodorant to splash on before applying but still smell, so I had all this produce but nothing to do with it so I improvised and use as perfume bc these products do smell amazing clearly using quality essential oils

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    Doesn't last long on me

    Posted by Amanda on 1st Jun 2024

    I love that you can make your own scent, but it doesn't last long on me. Also keep in mind that some scents won't last long in the bottle even under optimal conditions (in my experience). I have one I tried to make similar to sugar & spice that I could just spray everywhere and it's still pretty good after over a year in the bottle but in the past, some haven't lasted only a few months. Also, as I think the description says, you may not like the combo you make just because it sounds good. Good luck!

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    Smells amazing, a little messy

    Posted by Troy Oveson on 27th Apr 2022

    Orange, vanilla, and baking soda ended up being an amazing combination, and it lasts a while. It does separate a little, and upon inverting to mix, the bottle had a tendency to leak. Not a huge issue, and I'd definitely buy again.

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    I love the fall scents of gingerbread, pumpkin pie, and brown sugar.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2020

    I wanted to get a deodorant that captured the scents of the fall and the holiday season, and the black friday deals were amazing, so I treated myself to two deodorants of gingerbread, pumpkin pie, and brown sugar and it smells divine; it perfectly captured the scents that I associate with the fall and the holiday season. I used to dread putting on other deodorants because, the usual deodorant sprays I can find in store are filled with alcohol which overpowers everything, but this organic deodorant only smells like the scents that you pick since, there is no alcohol so you only smell the beautiful scents that you choose and I highly recommend choosing the scents that you enjoy in your everyday life because I was skeptical, if the scents I chose would work well together and now every time I put on my deodorant; I smell like tasty treat which is both uplifting, smells delicious, and helps with body odor. I highly recommend purchasing them when they go on sale because, they are wonderful and work well but, I honestly couldn't afford to get them constantly at their current prices, so I can only treat myself when they go on sale.

  • 4

    Loved the spray scent

    Posted by Yasmila on 22nd Sep 2020

    I love Bubble and Bees product. The only reason I rated a 4 star is not because of the product. The spray mechanism is faulty. It broke after a week of using the spray. I figured they knew about because the sent me an extra spray mechanism. The actual product is amazing. But i do have to reapply more often than with the normally. (Note from Bubble & Bee: Citrus oils, especially orange, are hard on the spray heads so we typically send an additional sprayer on sprays containing orange.) :)

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    Love this deodorant--however...

    Posted by Sarah on 6th Oct 2018

    I have to agree with the review below. I loved the scent and it worked so well, but both bottles I had sent to me stopped spraying, as did my wife's. We lucked out in that we had an extra bottle left over from the lime toner, but 3/3 bottles not working means I'll go back to the pit putty.

  • 5

    Awesome product

    Posted by Nancy Cevetello on 14th Mar 2024

    The idea of designing your own custom scent and not using alcohol as a base was a game changer for me. Too many petrochemicals in perfume, that I had to stop using it. Thank you, Stephanie and the Bee team for giving me a wonderful alternative to an unsafe product. Keep up the diligence.

  • 5

    Design-A-Spray Wins

    Posted by Rozlyn Reynolds on 14th Feb 2024

    I've been searching for years for the right scent to replace my perfect one that was gone forever. Who could have imagined that I would find it in a deodorant spray! I can't wait to try more combinations.

  • 5

    The only purchase that works

    Posted by Kitty b. on 11th Oct 2023

    This and the pit primer spray are lifesavers, I've bought every deodorant under the sun and this beats even Lume, hands down. Plus designing the scents?! Unbeatable.

  • 5

    Bee the inventor

    Posted by Chris on 19th May 2021

    I had a lot of fun putting together my formula. Matching tea tree with anything is my favorite. I love using this as a cologne perfume spray all over my body.

  • 5

    Effective, Pleasant & Easy to Use

    Posted by Dawn on 6th May 2021

    I've had difficulty finding a standard deodorant that worked for me. Some were simply ineffective and I was allergic to others. Then, truly miraculously I tried Bubble & Bee. I had already tried their Face Cream and absolutely loved it, so I thought I'd try the deodorant . I love it! It works! It's effective! I honestly can't believe that, after trying different deodorants, I would come across a natural, organic deodorant that works for me. But it does. For the essential oils I chose orange and lemon. I like those scents. Nice and fresh. When I spray it on, I can smell the essential oils, but they do not linger, which is exactly what I want. Really, could not be happier to have solved this problem with all-natural ingredients.

  • 5

    I love it!

    Posted by Zorica on 4th May 2021

    After your long deodorant explanation, I understood a lot of things, and chose the spray deodorant with with witch hazel and essential oils. I simply cannot believe how incredibly effective it is!!! With just 3 simple ingredients. (Witch hazel, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil.)

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    Posted by KATHERINE on 30th Jan 2021

    I can't get enough of this! With or without the pit primer this has improved my underarm pH and I use it daily--and more often for the aromatherapeutic boost--hair, body, freshen sheets--a bit obsessed. Love that it's alcohol free, love the witch hazel. Please make a purse size! Bought a second one immediately. Ginger and Jasmine is my jam. NOMZ.

  • 5

    Awesome Scents!

    Posted by Evie on 5th Jan 2021

    I love this Design-a-Spray! There are so many scents of essential oils, it is natural, and makes a good body spray or even a room freshener!

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    Christmas Scent Galore!

    Posted by Stacy on 30th Nov 2020

    I wanted a Christmas scent and Stephanie was a big help in helping me decide. I chose fir needle, cranberry and cinnamon and, not kidding, my armpits smell like Christmas! It is amazing!

  • 5

    Love It!

    Posted by Candace on 6th Sep 2020

    I was so happy that I able to special order my design-a-spray without the witch hazel! Since I am allergic to witch hazel, I asked Stephanie if I could just I order the 3 choices of extract and or essential oil in the spray bottle and fill the spray bottle with the grain alcohol myself at home. Being able to have that option was awesome so I could still purchase one of my favorite products from Bubble &Bee Organic. Stephanie is these best! My strawberry vanilla design-a-spray smells so good! I Love it!

  • 5

    Design A Spray

    Posted by Miriam Neff on 24th Aug 2020

    I love this high quality deodorant, and I know that it is completely safe to use. This is the only company and business owner that I trust 100%. Stephanie Greenwood is the best. She is highly knowledgeable, genuine, and provides stellar customer service.

  • 5

    Design a spray

    Posted by Cheryl Murphy on 28th Apr 2020

    I use this as a body spray and/or deodorant. My girls like bubble gum and my teenage son likes root beer. If I buy a pit putty or pit perfect, I always try and get a matching spray!

  • 5

    Design a Spray

    Posted by Maura on 24th Feb 2019

    I was so excited to smell this and it did not disappoint! The rose truly smells beautiful. This is a lot more subtle thank the hibiscus-orange-vanilla scent I previously ordered for my daughter (which smells so delicious and lasts and lasts)...but the rose is delightful.

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