Truly Herbal Organic Deodorant Spray

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NEW USDA Certified Organic formula! Gentler on skin, has live enzymes to neutralize odors on contact, plus powerful essential oils to prevent odor. Use it alone as a deodorant or as a mid-day freshen-up spray. 

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  • Truly Herbal Organic Deodorant Spray
  • Truly Herbal Organic Deodorant Spray
  • Truly Herbal Organic Deodorant Spray

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4 Reviews

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    it's ok

    Posted by Elizabeth Stephens on 21st Sep 2019

    I like the idea of having a spray deodorant as opposed to the pit putty stick or pit putty jar as it is clear and doesn't show when I lift up my arms. Downside for this specific scent is I am not a big fan of the scene itself, its does smell herbally but at the same time makes me feel like I have BO. I use the pit primer and have used other products without issue. so I have to assume its this specific scent. I live in Florida so its hot here 99% of the time. So I would prefer to not smell weird after I just showered. Herbal scent just isn't my cup of tea.

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    This has been the best deo for me so far, but still not perfect…

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2017

    First of all, I want to thank Bubble and Bee for their great customer service and super-fast delivery. I mean, I only checked the lowest priced option, and the whole package arrived in a few days! Second of all, don’t be surprised if your Truly Herbal Deodorant Spray comes smelling funky. The smell will settle out in a few days, until it really does smell great, exactly like an “herbal-y” smell. Even though I haven’t had much luck with natural deodorants so far, this one has worked the best for me, so I really recommend this scent for anyone who’s found that other natural deodorants haven’t worked great for them so far. Even so, it’s not a perfect match for me and wears off after a few hours (for me) so I’m probably going to keep searching. (It’s still the longest-lasting scent, though, by far!) Tips that’ll make the deodorant more effective: First of all, definitely check out the Pit Primer if you haven’t before. It’s really helpful in cleaning your pits and “priming” them before you apply natural deodorant, and especially if scrubbing with soap + water, wiping with alcohol, or using apple cider vinegar hasn’t worked yet. Second, when spraying the deodorant, I like to spray twice around in a continuous circular motion to get the best coverage, and then swing my arms back and forth to rub it in, and then wait for it to dry (maybe by fanning it). That’s just a tip (you can do it however you want) but I’ve found that effective for me... So if you’re looking for a pretty effective deodorant to use, I recommend giving the Truly Herbal Deodorant Spray a try!

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    Smells nice and works well

    Posted by Organiclover on 27th Apr 2020

    I love this product. It sprays well and provides good coverage on my armpits with only, 2 sprays per armpit, which lasts me all day. I also like the smell, since it's a combination of scents that are not overwhelming to your senses, but has a calming scent, that is pleasant to my senses.

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    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2018

    I have been using B&B cream deodorants for years which I feel are wonderful, so I thought I would give the spray deodorants a try. Wow, am I impressed! Superior to all other deodorants I've ever used before. Really love the Truly Herbal scent best of all. Lasts well even during heavy work outs and I love that I don't have to worry about any showing up on my clothing. The spray applicator top (makes a wonderful mist that provides full coverage) and glass jar are top notch. Highly recommend.

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