Unscented Pit Putty Cream

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We've made this limited-edition deodorant by customer demand. We haven't made an unscented deodorant before in the past because the essential oils play a...well...essential part in the deodorizing process.  However, we still have had an overwhelming demand for an unscented deodorant so we've made this special batch because of customer demand. We've added extra baking soda (not enough to be irritating) and non-nano zinc oxide to help inhibit bacterial growth. If, after more testing, we find it to pass our effectiveness test, we will add it to our regular offerings. For now, it's a limited-edition batch that does NOT come with our replacement guarantee.

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15 Reviews

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    Unscented = better!

    Posted by Deeeee on 14th Dec 2019

    This unscented deodorant is much better than the almond-coconut deodorant. The almond-coconut fragrance is way too strong and off-putting/repelling on my husband; so getting him to switch to this unscented version has been much more bearable for me. I find that both versions of deodorant, though, are not very effective with his body chemistry, as his B.O. becomes noticeable before the day’s over or after he’s sweated extra. (He’s tried other deodorant formulas from Bubble&Bee, and same problem.) Using the product in combination with Pit Primer didn’t help him enough either. Yet he continues using one deodorant or another from this company because: he would have worse odor than without it; it’s aluminum-free!; it doesn’t F up his skin; and Bubble&Bee is a good company to support, with good customer service, ingredient safety, & values!

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    Posted by KC on 21st Mar 2024

    This is free of everything I can't have and works very well!! Love it!

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    The BEST natural deodorant

    Posted by Sherry on 16th May 2021

    This unscented pit putty works! I’ve tried many brands and I keep coming back to this one! It really works!

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    love it!

    Posted by Mrs. S on 4th May 2021

    I'm so thankful to have found this! I've been looking for a fragrance free, natural deodorant and this stuff really works! I've stocked up and hope they never discontinue it :)

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    Posted by ALESHA on 9th Aug 2020

    I have tried DOZENS of natural deodorants and creams, and this is THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS! I was so glad when I found Bubble & Bee. Most brands of natural deodorants are not effective and would cause me to break out in rashes, or only work for about a week or so. Not with Bubble & Bee - this is the best putty cream I have ever found. I use it solo daily during the summer, and during the winter when I don't need something quite as strong I use their Lavendar pit putty stick. Hands down would recommend!

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    Great pit cream

    Posted by Anne on 4th Jul 2020

    I developed an allergy to drugstore deodorants, so I was happy to find bubble & bee. Then I developed an allergy to the scent or something so I switched to the unscented and it has been just great at keeping me smelling good

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    Great product

    Posted by Bren on 7th Mar 2020

    The unscented pit putty is great. I really like the unscented as an option it keeps the odor away and lasts over 24 hours. I have allergies and have not been able to use most anything in stores anymore due to rashes and they go bad and make me stink. I am so far very happy, have not had any rash I really like this product and I'm glad I had tried it.

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    I LOVE it!!!

    Posted by Jessica on 17th Feb 2020

    I was looking for unscented products to be extra careful for infertility reasons, and am so happy with this pit putty cream. It works really really well! I've been using it for about a week and have not had any BO, which is crazy. I do wash and apply it before bed and again in the morning. It is working better than some cheaper mass-market deodorants! I tried some of the other formulations in the past, and the pit putty cream is my personal favorite of the blends that Stephanie and her team make. Highly recommended!

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    Posted by K on 22nd Jul 2019

    I never thought I could love a deodorant so much : ) It works astoundingly well - I love that it's unscented, easy to apply, leaves virtually no white marks, is organic and is gluten free!! With all my food, scent and ingredient intolerances, this is the only deodorant I can use. Please don't stop making this product!!!

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    Pit putty

    Posted by T on 10th Jun 2019

    Truly remarkable

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    Posted by Kassandra on 16th Apr 2019

    This deo works great. Also, I have no side effects either!

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    Great product for super-sensitive folks

    Posted by Jenn E on 10th Jul 2018

    This definitely keeps me smelling fresher than nothing, or homemade mixes of baking soda and arrow root powder! I think the zinc makes it harder to wash out of clothes (and off skin) than the original formula, but it beats the alternatives of dermal allergic reactions or living like a dirty hippy! ;)

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    This deodorant is great!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2017

    I have tried a number of the scented pit putty creams. The only one that has worked for me most of the time is the Spring Lilac. I ordered the Unscented Pit Putty cream last year to see how it worked. At first I only used it once in a while but now it is my first choice. It works great! This is now my first choice. When I saw the reduced price, I was afraid that it won't be made anymore so I ordered a couple of more tubs. I love it!

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    great for sensitive skin

    Posted by Anne Delano on 28th May 2017

    I have developed an allergy even to Bubble and Bees wonderful deodorant which I deduced was from the fragrance. So this deodorant , which has no frangrance is perfect. It lasts for a good long time too

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    Works Great!

    Posted by April on 17th Sep 2016

    I have always used an unscented deodorant, and products as natural as I could find in the past several years. I happily found Bubble and Bee just a few months ago. They did not have unscented at that time, and so I ordered Jasmint. The smell is beautiful and it works well, but when I saw the Unscented listed, I had to try it. I love it! It literally has no scent and keeps me odor-free for at least a full day or a bit more. I also ordered the trial/sample size of some other pit putty scents, but haven't had a chance to give them a really good try; however, the lilac smells amazing and seems to also work very well. I would like it as a perfume. I don't like the almond coconut smell, but it also is quite effective. I have one left to experiment with: orange vanilla. I have a feeling it will also be good. But because I prefer no scent under my arms, I'll stick with unscented (unless it's not available). Great products.

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