Unscented Organic Body Butter 8 oz

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  • Unscented Organic Body Butter 8 oz
  • Unscented Organic Body Butter 8 oz


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic macadamia nut oil. That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: USDA Certified Organic


  • No synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers
  • Goes on smooth 
  • Shea butter protects and softens skin 
  • Good value--a little bit goes a long way 
  • Vegan no animal testing 
  • Gluten-free. 

Description:  Not a fan of too much fragrance in your bath & body products? Try our Unscented Organic Body Butter, and all you'll get is smooth, rich and creamy moisturizing nirvana without any of that frou-frou scent stuff. Organic shea butter moisturizes deeply, delivering essential protecting lipids to the skin, while organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat keep this formula smooth but not greasy. Organic sweet almond oil softens and soothes skin, and macadamia nut oil protects and heals, while both oils deliver a bounty of essential fatty acids to your skin. What's left is a very mild nutty scent from the macadamia, almond and shea oils-- nothing more, nothing less, just pure and simple. Unlike other body butters, ours is not water-based, so it has a different consistency than you might be used to. But that's a good thing-- it is best described as having the consistency and feel of home-made frosting. Just pure, whipped, buttery goodness. A little bit goes a really long way-- that is if you can resist reapplying it every 15 minutes because it feels so divine!

Shelf Life: 10 months from date of purchase.

Size: 8 oz by volume at original whipped consistency. 

SPECIAL NOTE: IN THE SUMMER MONTHS OR IN HOT CLIMATES, PLEASE CHOOSE SUMMER SHIPPING OPTION SO THIS ITEM DOESN'T MELT DURING TRANSIT. (How to tell if you need it: If you left a bar of chocolate in your car today, would it melt? If so, choose "Summer Shipping" at checkout. We'll pack your body butter with cold packs and a special thermal wrap.)

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22 Reviews

  • 5
    Butter for my Pregnant belly

    Posted by Jhnnn on 21st Mar 2021

    Love this! Rich and thick but not super sticky or oily. I have used it the last few months of my pregnancy and have excellent results. I like that it has no smell as I can add essential oils to it or leave it plain. It’s very moisturizing and supports my growing body!

  • 4
    Used to moisturize legs once dry

    Posted by Brittany Diane Daniels on 23rd Feb 2021

    I used this to moisturize my legs after my shower and my legs were dry to keep the bumps I were feeling on my legs from coming back and it has worked for that purpose.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Mike on 22nd Feb 2021

    I'm allergic to aloe so it's always hard to find holistic care for your skin. This product works great and with no scent which is always a bonus in my book.

  • 5
    Wonderful body butter

    Posted by Erin on 14th Feb 2021

    I love this body butter. It is the only thing that helps my dry skin in the winter (gets rid of dry, bumpy patches on my legs and the back of my arms). And I so appreciate it comes in unscented because I get headaches from most scents (not mint, rosemary or straight lavender, but pretty much any other lotion scent). I highly recommend it!

  • 5
    great body butta

    Posted by Ann on 12th Dec 2020

    moisturizes well, no scent so you can use it with any scent you want. Definitely recommend

  • 5
    Just like butta

    Posted by Savannah on 8th Jul 2020

    I love this lotion and use it for myself and for my little girls. They love to imitate me on put on lotion themselves and I love that I can trust the ingredients!

  • 5
    Body Butta Unscented

    Posted by Laurie Wahlin on 11th Apr 2020

    My husband and I have used your product for a long time. When we need extra deep moisture we reach For Butta. Safe without additives.

  • 5
    Best lotion for my very sensitive ski

    Posted by Brittany Daniels on 30th Dec 2018

    Lotion helps keep a dry rash on my face down. Like Bubble & Bee, because an unscented lotion without preservatives, including vitamin E because I have very sensitive skin and my skin reacts to so many unpronounceable man made chemicals and fragrances, including essential oils that are used to make skin care products have a nice smell to them.

  • 5
    Much needed

    Posted by Cathy on 26th Nov 2018

    I have only used this a few times in the 2 weeks I have had it and it is already making a huge difference. Thank-you so very much for making quality, unscented products. For anyone reading this with similar issues; I suffer from scent triggered migraines and asthma. Their unscented products work very well without the side effects of scented items. Again, Thank-you. Sincerely, Cathy

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2018

    Love this butter so much! So easy to apply and makes my skin so soft.

  • 5
    Moisturizing and oh so smooth!!

    Posted by Thankful Customer on 23rd Feb 2018

    Another wonderful Bubble and Bee product that is totally amazing. I apply it immediately after showering. It absorbs and makes skin feel soft. So thankful for the unscented products!!

  • 5
    Best ever!

    Posted by Jan on 24th Oct 2017

    I have used this product for years and I love it. I appreciate the unscented products.

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