Unscented Lotion Stick

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We've kept this fabulous lotion stick unscented for those with scent sensitivities ("scentsitivities?") or for those looking for an option that won't have the potential to interfere with their personal fragrance. This unique lotion stick is creamy-smooth, non-greasy, and is great for hands, feet, elbows or any dry patches. Organic cocoa butter and sunflower oil soothe and smooth, while organic beeswax seals the deal by locking in moisture. And best of all, it contains no water, so it won't evaporate or wash off like water-based lotions. This means more bang for your buck--why pay for water? Put it in your purse, your backpack or even your pocket and take this sweet stick with you wherever you go!

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  • Unscented Lotion Stick
  • Unscented Lotion Stick
  • Unscented Lotion Stick
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23 Reviews

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    Unscented lotion stick

    Posted by Unknown on 6th May 2018

    Well after many uses I can tell the lotion stick works, but unfortunately the scent is terrible!! Yuck!! Wouldn't suggest it

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    Mixed Feelings

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2018

    The product itself is great. Very moisturizing not sticky or anything. But, it broke within just a couple uses. It stuck to the top of the lid and i tried to scrape it out with a butter knife and reattach it but it did not work.

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    Not a fan

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2017

    I know sunflower oil is an ingredient, but for an unscented lotion smells too strongly of sunflower oil to me.

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    Unsented Lotion Stick

    Posted by Kathleen on 3rd May 2022

    This is a easy way to roll on protection for dry skin on the feet and lower legs, elbows, and back of the hands, without getting any on your fingers. It is a little hard for the back of hands. It seems better suited for rough spots on tougher skin.

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    Posted by Christina on 29th Nov 2021

    Good for cracked heals

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    Use to keep my hands moisturized while I am working in a grocery store

    Posted by Brittany Diane Daniels on 23rd Feb 2021

    I use this to help keep my hands moisturized while I am working at a grocery store and it works for that purpose.

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    Great for little hands

    Posted by Sarah on 28th Nov 2020

    I bought this for my son who love to go through my beauty products. It's perfect for little dry hands. And so much easier than a tube of lotion!

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    This lotion stick is a hand saver!

    Posted by Melissa on 11th Dec 2022

    When the temps drop here in Michigan, so too does the condition of my hands. Between the cold and washing way to often, my hands are left dry, delicate, and cracked to the point of bleeding. Enter the lotion stick- I pair this lotion stick with another natural moisturizer from a different company. First I put the other moisturizer on, then seal it in with the lotion stick. It's the only thing that has kept my hands from complete breakdown! I use this several times a day and one stick will typically last me a month. Can't wait for B&B to find new packaging for these so they can be in stock again!

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    For my son

    Posted by Lisa on 25th Apr 2020

    I bought this for my son as he deliveries & stocks groceries & his hands crack & bleed

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    Dryness relief

    Posted by Jo on 29th Mar 2020

    With all the dishwashing, handwashing, digging in the dirt that goes in around here, we get dry, rashy, cracking hands. This stuff is amazing. We use it as chap stick and hand moisturizer. Everyone loves it; me, husband, and all 5 kids.

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    Unscented lotion stick

    Posted by JA on 19th Dec 2019

    Love these lotion sticks, work well and convenient for traveling.

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    Lotion stick

    Posted by Anne on 28th Nov 2019

    It's the best I love it, highly recommend it

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    Unscented lotion stick

    Posted by JA on 23rd Nov 2019

    I love these lotion sticks convenient and work so well!

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    Love it - will buy again

    Posted by Andrew K on 5th Feb 2019

    Glad I discovered this lotion stick. Works as advertised. Really helps my dry skin (I use it to keep the backs of my hands moisturized while I use my computer/keyboard/mouse). IMO there are only 2 good lotion sticks worth buying: this one and the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. This one is especially great because of the size and the beeswax. I got the unscented version. Obviously there's still some sort of scent but it's not a fragrance and personally, I like it. It's very neutral. Anyway, I completely recommend this and I'll be buying it again once I'm out.

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    Great to carry around when I can’t carry unscented lotion with me

    Posted by Brittany Daniels on 30th Dec 2018

    I use the unscented lotion stick as a complement to the unscented lotion when I cannot easily carry the unscented lotion around with me. I like be able to have lotion in stick form at work when I need to have something to help mousterize my hands with without the reactions I would get with lotions mostly made of man made chemicals I can’t pronounce and fragrances/essential oils that make lotions have a good smell to most people living out there.

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    Mmm, so unscented!

    Posted by Glen T. on 9th Apr 2018

    I really do love the unscented variety, and actually prefer it to the original lemon. You can smell the sweet honey-ness of the beeswax and nothing more. The blend of oils in this thing is pure alchemy. Genius. Can't recommend enough.

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    My hands thank you

    Posted by Diane on 9th Apr 2018

    This product has healed my split finger tips, toes, and heels! The junk they sell in stores is nothing but water....useless! I have the softest hands on the planet! Diane

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    We love these lotion sticks!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2018

    We always have these around for travel, home and in the car. They are great for dry hands and lips.

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    Fallen in love all over again

    Posted by Marta on 27th Feb 2018

    I started using your products (deodorant, lip balm & lotion sticks) a number of years ago and loved them. I hadnt ordered in a while but recently was trying desperately to heal my chapped hands. I remembered your lotion and ordered the unscented lotion sticks (while I love the delicious not over-powering scents, my husband is a bit more picky). I have fallen in love all over again. It is so smooth and helped heal the painful chapped and cracked hands that come from having a newborn in the middle of a freezing cold bad flu season! Thanks for making a product that works amazing with simple ingredients that i feel completely comfortable putting on my skin (and my kids!!!)!

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    Great for my feet!

    Posted by Kelly Anderson on 1st Aug 2017

    Admittedly, I didn't love this for my hands, but then I tried it on my feet! I have this thing where I have to lotion my feet after a shower, but I also have this thing where I don't like to touch my bare feet with my hands (I know... strange). Cue this lotion stick! I just thought to use it tonight for the first time on my feet, and it worked like a dream! Left my feet feeling soft and moisturized. No scratchy feeling on the sheets! I just bought more!

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