Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Organic Deodorant

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  • Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Organic Deodorant
  • Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty Organic Deodorant
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Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda, organic spearmint essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil. That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: USDA Certified Organic


  • Baking soda raises the pH of the underarm making it less hospitable to bacterial growth. 
  • Arrowroot powder helps absorb perspiration. 
  • Vegan & no animal testing
  • Gluten-free
  • No synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers.
  • Guaranteed to Work!

Description: With refreshing spearmint and earthy, calming tea tree, this 'Pit Putty is hugely popular and effective. Not only do you get the arrowroot powder to help absorb the sweat and powerful essential oils to deodorize, but you get the power of baking soda. Baking soda is a natural odor-blocker and also raises the pH of the underarm so it's less hospitable to odor-causing bacteria.

Size: 2.5 oz tube

Shelf Life: 18 months from date of purchase

NOTE: Product can crumble and requires care when opening and in application.
1. Open container carefully.
2. Extend product only 1/8 inch from top of the tube. 
3. Apply 1-2 downward gentle swipes to clean, odor-free skin. 
4. Rub into skin until it disappears. (Optional)
5. Re-apply as needed. 

SPECIAL NOTE: IN THE SUMMER MONTHS OR IN HOT CLIMATES, PLEASE CHOOSE 'SUMMER SHIPPING' OPTION SO THIS ITEM DOESN'T MELT DURING TRANSIT. If it does melt it is still useable but will be more prone to crumbling or may arrive misshapen. If this does happen, please visit our Pit Putty Help Page.

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37 Reviews

  • 4
    Works well - much better than other brands

    Posted by Allison on 15th Jan 2018

    I tried 5 other more well known natural deodorant brands and had zero success. Either they caused my armpits to break out or didn't work at all. This one has worked great! It's a little hard to apply since it's fairly dry but it keeps me odor free for most of the day and does not irritate my skin. I also love the spearmint tea tree scent because it's so fresh.

  • 5
    It's the best!

    Posted by aspiegella on 3rd Oct 2017

    I read other reviews of this product before buying. It's true that if you layer Bubble and Bee deodorant cream and then this spray on top, it works amazingly all day. And it smells fabulous.

  • 5
    It Works!

    Posted by Bren on 14th Jun 2017

    I love this product. It smells good and really works. I like to crumble two deodorant sticks and mix it with one of the cream bottles of the same scent. It is really quick and easy to apply. Finally a natural product that truly works. Love it.

  • 4
    Almost perfect

    Posted by Sara on 20th May 2017

    This formula applies easily, effectively controls odor, and smells nice. The extra powder in the product helps with keeping you dry (and rash free!) which is super beneficial for where I live in the oppressively hot South. The only thing that I don't love is that I find white powder flakes on my clothing near my arms, but to me it's a small price to pay to use an effective and safe product.

  • 5
    Fantastic Product

    Posted by Kerri R on 26th Apr 2017

    It took me two years of searching to find an organic deodorant that a) worked, b) didn't irritate my skin, and c) didn't stain my clothes. Finally found it -- THIS. This right here. A big five stars, two snaps up, whatever superlative you choose! This is a great product.

  • 5

    Posted by Nadia Hickerson on 19th Feb 2017

    Traditional deodorants no longer work on me. I had to carry around deodorant with me at all times, and reapply repeatedly throughout the day. I decided to give this deodorant a try, and I'm hooked! It smells wonderful... just like spearmint gum! It glides on super smooth and I have not had any icky arm pit odor. My pits feel awesome, too. I usually on apply it once during the day, unless I have gotten super sweaty from working out. I can't live without this!

  • 5
    Bubble and Bee Spearmint deo

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2016

    Excellent deo!! Works exactly as it should. Smells amazing. Crumbles a little if it gets too warm but not really an issue worth mentioning.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2016

    Great product!

  • 5
    For a five year old

    Posted by Toddler Hard At Play on 28th Mar 2016

    In what seemed like 24 hours my toddler son went from smelling like a baby to stinking like a man! Maybe a slight exaggeration but he started to have underarm odor. He plays hard and his undershirts were starting to reflect that. His pediatrician and I didn't want to give him deodorant meant for adults, but I needed a way to keep him smelling fresh. Along came Bubble and Bee! I called to get some suggestions on what scent to use and the wonderful young lady on the other end recommended this scent. We've been using it for over a year and it's worked like a charm. Thanks Bubble and Bee!!!

  • 5
    great product !!Thank you :) it last all day and smells good

    Posted by Patricia on 1st Jan 2016

    I fell in love with these products!! ..they helped me stay fresh all day and i dont worry because it works really good on my sensitive skinl

  • 5
    Works great on my son!

    Posted by Alexis on 30th Sep 2015

    I purchased this scent for my 8 year old son and after an active day at school and daycare he was still fresh. It goes on smooth if you follow the directions and he can put it on easily himself. Would definitely recommend this product.

  • 5
    Used on a 5 year old

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2015

    My son started to have "strong" smelling underarms. I didn't want him to enter school as the stinky boy. I searched for a deodorant that wasn't harsh but would do the job. Now when he comes home from a hard day of kindergarten activities (playing!) he never has an unpleasant odor. This products scent is very light and works well for a little boy. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    It WORKS

    Posted by Alexandra on 21st Aug 2015

    I had tried probably 6 or 7 different natural deodorants from my health food store. The crystal, Tom's, etc etc...NOPE. What a waste of money! The first, beeswax-based deoderant I tried at B&B failed. This product? This product us AWESOME. It works. And I don't mind it getting all over my baby's head.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2015

    My teenage daughter loves it.

  • 5

    Posted by Michelle on 1st Mar 2015


  • 5
    Works Great!

    Posted by Candace on 19th Feb 2015

    This deodorant smells so wonderful and works great for me and my husband. Keeps us dry and smelling minty fresh. I have been using Bubble&Bee Organic deodorants for a number of years now and have been very happy with the selection of choices available. B&B Organic makes the best, organic, chemical free, lovely smelling products ever!!!

  • 5
    I love this deodorant!

    Posted by Tracy on 18th Jan 2015

    I am so thankful to have found a natural unharmful good deodorant that I love. It goes on smooth, I love the fresh mint scent, and I love how it goes on soft like a powder. Thank you!!!

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