Sensitive Skin Deodorants

Sensitive Skin Deodorants

Natural Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Organic deodorant for sensitive skin -- finally! Even if you can't use other brands with baking soda, we bet you can use anything from our extensive line of organic deodorants because all of our formulas are expertly formulated for efficacy and skin safety. However, so many people wanted a line specifically for "sensitive skin" so we obliged! 

Sensitive Skin Deodorant: What Makes them so Special? 

While most people can use baking soda when it's used at a low concentration (as in all of our deodorants) we've had many requests for a baking soda free version. But for our sensitive skin folks, we wanted something more than just the absence of baking soda to support their skin. So we added a nice dose of skin-soothing zinc oxide and a good amount of wetness-absorbing organic arrowroot powder. Most underarm rashes are actually caused by wetness, so we wanted to give wetness control an extra boost. The result? A "sensitive skin" deodorant that has been highly requested!

They won't come with any kind of fancy packaging--just a humble ingredients list printed on a l'il brown sticker. We're working on fancy packaging and adding them as official products to our lineup.