Sweet Jasmine Organic Body Butter 8 oz

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  • Sweet Jasmine Organic Body Butter 8 oz
  • Sweet Jasmine Organic Body Butter 8 oz


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jasmine scent extract. That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: USDA Certified Organic


  • No synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers
  • Goes on smooth 
  • Shea butter protects and softens skin 
  • Good value--a little bit goes a long way 
  • Vegan no animal testing 
  • Gluten-free. 

Description:  Jasmine is an exotic floral with heady high notes and sweet-mid notes. It is delicately floral but not overpowering (in our opinion--everyone perceives scents differently). Organic shea butter moisturizes deeply, delivering essential protecting lipids to the skin, while organic coconut oil keeps this formula smooth but not greasy. Unlike other body butters, ours is not water-based, so it has a different consistency than you might be used to. But that's a good thing--it is best described as having the consistency and feel of home-made frosting. Just pure, whipped, buttery paradise in a jar. A little bit goes a really long way--that is if you can resist reapplying it every 15 minutes because it smells and feels so good!

Shelf Life: 10 months from date of purchase.

Size: 8 oz by volume at original whipped consistency. 

SPECIAL NOTE: IN THE SUMMER MONTHS OR IN HOT CLIMATES, PLEASE CHOOSE SUMMER SHIPPING OPTION SO THIS ITEM DOESN'T MELT DURING TRANSIT. (How to tell if you need it: If you left a bar of chocolate in your car today, would it melt? If so, choose "Summer Shipping" at checkout. We'll pack your body butter with cold packs and a special thermal wrap.)

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10 Reviews

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    Smells amazing

    Posted by Chrissy the Hyphenated on 10th Feb 2019

    I love the smell, but am not using this stuff on my face because it makes me look greasy and the smell gets to be too much close to my nose. Of course, it is called BODY BUTTER, so duh. LOL

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    Truly Jasmine!

    Posted by Kristin Radtke on 31st Oct 2022

    Jasmine is one of my favorite scents and this luxurious lotion has captured the scent perfectly.

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    Sweet Jasmine Body Butta

    Posted by KATHERINE on 30th Jan 2021

    Got this as a gift for a friend, instantly jealous! I bought myself one, and the trial size which fits onto my purse and I refill it. BAM! No water content so I like to apply it after washing hands to seal in that moisture. Also been using it on my face, cures the winter dryness, absorbs fast.

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    So fragrant and moisturizing!

    Posted by Lisa C. on 4th Mar 2019

    This stuff is fabulous - so much so that my 4 year old begs me to put it on her daily, which I am happy to do because it is organic and healthy - and made only of "good stuff." It does wonders for my skin, too!

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    Posted by LINDA CORCORAN on 17th May 2017


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    Posted by Pat on 26th Feb 2017

    I am not a fan of floral scents or perfume, so was not sure about this. Got a sample just to try and it blew me away! Could not believe how wonderful it smells. Loved it so much I got a big jar. If you love florals in general or jasmine in particular you will love this. Smells totally fabulous mixed with the rose butta as well. Will definitely recommend this and will keep buying it for myself.

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    love it!

    Posted by sarai on 9th Jul 2016

    This product is great! It feels so good, a little goes a long way. It smells so fresh and clean. i love it!

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    so moisturizing

    Posted by Mary on 10th May 2016

    B&B Jasmine Body Butter is my favorite of B&B's body butters. A close second is Lilac, with Coconut Lime right behind it. These body butters go a long way -- doesn't take much to get hands and dry spots nicely moisturized. Wish I could leave mine open to just dip into every time I go by -- maybe I will! since we don't get a lot of dust in the house.

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    smells incredible

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2016

    Just perfect. It smells so light and floral and works even better.

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    Sublime on the skin

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2015

    This is for sure the best body butter I've ever used. Your skin literally drinks it in and the emollient properties remain all day. The fragrance is lovely, pure and intensely floral.

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