Pit Perfect Organic Deodorant Wild Rose

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  • Pit Perfect Organic Deodorant Wild Rose
  • Pit Perfect Organic Deodorant Wild Rose
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Totally New Deodorant! 

Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic rose scent extract in organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, baking soda, organic ylang ylang essential oil.

Certification: USDA Certified Organic usda-organic-logo.gif


  • Convenient stick application 
  • No crumbles, stays on skin
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gentle on skin, tough on odor
  • No stearates, hydrogenated oils or other mystery ingredients
  • Comes with our deodorant guarantee!


We've done it! It's a totally new deodorant that goes on clean and smooth. It's like a cream in a stick! Formula applies silky-smooth and soft, not oily or wet. We loaded up the formula with tons of wetness-absorbing arrowroot powder, added organic sunflower oil for a gentle glide, and kept it solid with a touch of organic beeswax. A pinch of baking soda helps fight odors without irritating skin and organic essential oils and scent extracts give an amazing scent and keep body odors at bay. It really is Pit Perfection!

OMG this Wild Rose is amazing. If you've loved our Wild Rose Pit Putty Cream in the past, this will send you over the moon! We've added organic ylang ylang essential oil to the mix to give the rose an added kick and a sweet base note. The result is a heady blend that smells amazing and works even better! 

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41 Reviews

  • 5
    Nearly perfect

    Posted by Poppy on 25th Nov 2018

    I’m a huge fan of this deodorant and of the Pit Putty. The effectiveness and quality of ingredients just can’t be beat. Unfortunately, because they’re oil based they have stained some of my close-fitting shirts. I use these deodorants when I’m working out or wearing something loose fitting, and a lighter store bought deodorant other times.

  • 5
    Rose scent BEAUTY

    Posted by Windsor Goddess on 21st Oct 2018

    Exceptional ~ works all day! Love these new stick formulas, and rose is reknowned for increasing the body frequency by 400X, so I love to raise my energy at my choosing. Another winner!

  • 5
    Smell like a bouquet!

    Posted by Laurene on 10th Oct 2018

    I love the rose scent of this Pit Perfect Wild Rose deodorant! When I walked past my 21 year old daughter she said, "I smell flowers." I said, "It's my arm pits!" It doesn't irritate my skin and it keeps odor down all day. It also doesn't crumble on me like the regular pit putty stick I tried several years ago.

  • 4
    I really like the fragrance

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Sep 2018

    I am pleased with this purchase. This one works well for me. I previously tried pit putty. What did not work well for me with that product was trying to get the right room temperature to keep it at in my apt. It was a fine selection, I just needed something to keep together better for me. The pit perfect is does that and does handle the odor situation pretty well. The rose scent is nice, subtle yet identifiable.

  • 5
    Just lovely..

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Aug 2018

    In addition to the marvelous fresh rose scent, this deodorant lasts all day long, and really went above my expectations!!! ❤️

  • 5
    Wonderful fragrance

    Posted by Fancyflowers on 26th Jul 2018

    A lovely fragrance that really works and lasts all day. The baking soda also helps to keep me dry.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2018

    Smells amazing. Works all day in Alabama summer heat.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Jeanette Fox on 5th Jul 2018

    This new deodarant kicks but. One or 2 swipes and I'm stink free all day. The pit putty was good but I used to have to layer a couple scents to make them last on a really hot day. But not with this new formula. This stuff is amazing!!! Even in 105 Alabama heat I don't stink. PLEASE make this in all scents of pit putty.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Janice on 26th Jun 2018

    I decided to try this's a new formulation and scent for me. I like how the deodorant goes on. I personally am not a huge fan of the rose scent, however, it works great!! I spent the past weekend that was warm and humid at a horse barn for a clinic. Showered Saturday morning, applied the product and no odor all day into the evening. Sunday morning I re-applied and it held strong against odor all day long:) Formulation works for my body chemistry. Would highly recommend and will purchase again.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Candice on 24th Jun 2018

    I'm glad I finally got around to trying Pit Perfect. Application is easy and smoother than Pit Putty. The smell is amazing and it really works!

  • 5
    Wild rose pit perfect

    Posted by Maria on 19th Jun 2018

    At last a natural deodorsnt that truly works. I live in Florida and its getting very warm but this deodorant is very effective and does not irritate one bit. Recommend!

  • 5
    It really is the best

    Posted by Sue on 16th Jun 2018

    Finally. After trying all kinds of natural deodorants,,this really truly works. It goes on easily and keeps me dry and fresh all day. I’ve tried all of your other types, including the sprays, creams, and regular Pit Putty. They all had failings, but this one is PERFECT. I’ve been using this for several weeks now in extremely warm weather and I’m totally happy with it. Thank you

  • 5
    Addition of Ylang-ylang is awesome!

    Posted by Erin M. on 11th Jun 2018

    I had tried the sensitive cream Rose scent, but felt like it was a bit elderly-oriented. I wanted to try this new stick version since I had found the original Pit Putty sticks were a bit uncomfortable to apply, drawing too much on the skin of my underarm. I like the Rose scent combined with the Ylang-ylang even more! It is just enough to alter the Rose scent & make it a bit more fresh! One of my co-workers even said "Oh! I smell flowers!" I have been skipping perfume ever since I started using Stephanie's deodorant & clearly I still don't need it!

  • 5
    So glad this is a thing

    Posted by Alaina on 6th Jun 2018

    I have been using the wild rose sensitive skin deodorant, and while I don't mind the cream in a jar, a stick is just so much more convenient sometimes. I originally ordered this new Pit Perfect stick in lavender vanilla mint and it smelled like a dinner mint to me. Second try I ordered the wild rose and it's perfectly floral and lasts all day. The stick still crumbles a little, but not as bad as the Pit Putty stick.

  • 5
    Good Deodorant

    Posted by Tracy on 4th Jun 2018

    I like this deodorant, but I am still partial to the Pit Putty, Spring Lilac, my favorite. The Pit Perfect Wild Rose, smells very pretty, but in my opinion, compared to the Pit Putty, is more sticky. I love how the Pit Putty goes on so smooth like baby powder, still my favorite! I am so grateful to have a good, safe, chemical free deodorant to use, especially for my daughter, who will be turning 12, and will be using deodorant for the first time. She tried both, and also likes the Pit Putty better, so I will be ordering her the orange vanilla, she picked that one. Thank you!!!

  • 5
    It works and smells amazing!

    Posted by Eeekooo on 2nd Jun 2018

    I really like this deo. The Wild Rose Pit Putty Cream has been my favorite & most effective scent for awhile now, and I stocked up since it is not always available. But let’s be honest—it’s a bit messy/slathery. This new solid stick form is as effective or maybe even more so, and less messy. I still carry a trial size of the Pit Putty Cream version at all times for mid-day reapplication on especially hot days, but on most days one application of this product lasts all day. It’s very smooth going on as well & no more crumbling!

  • 5
    Solved the crumble prob.

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2018

    Pit perfect is just that, perfect pits. I love the way it glides on and the wild rose scent is beautiful. Did I mention that it also works!! So happy

  • 5
    Truly is pit perfect

    Posted by Prim on 2nd Jun 2018

    I've been a long time user of the pit putty so when these came out, I was super excited to try it. I bought all three scents but I'm currently using the wild rose scented stick. Works great! I love the fact that it's in stick form. Smells really good. Applies easily. And it lasts pretty long for me. Everyone's body is difderent. It would be nice to have a sampler pack of these for people to try out. All in all, I'm satisfied with this one.

  • 5
    The BEST natural deodorant of all I've tried

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2018

    I bought this product on a whim when they were offering free shipping and the free pit primer, and I am so glad I took a chance! On my first full day of wearing this deodorant, I had a job interview and it was 80+ degrees and humid. I still smelled great at the end of the day on my drive home! I don't generally like rose-scented things, but this smells amazing to me, almost like honeysuckle. The new formula goes on smoother than the others and lasts so much longer! I was using the pit primer and two deodorants before, and now I just use this! Absolutely amazed! I hope they never stop making it. This is a holy grail product for me, for sure.

  • 5
    Love the new formula!

    Posted by Jen Wy on 24th May 2018

    Creamy consistency and the most lovely scent. There is no clumping or crumbling.

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