Organic Soapnuts

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  • Organic Soapnuts
  • Organic Soapnuts

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Ingredients: Organic Soapnuts

Certification: USDA Certified Organic

This is the cleanest of the clean when it comes to cleaning laundry, dishes, even hair. They're soapnuts! Soapnuts are actually a dried berry of the soapnut tree that contains natural compounds called saponins that clean and lather up naturally. Because they're not actually nuts, they're even safe for people with nut allergies. 

How do you use soapnuts? There are many uses for soapnuts. The most popular use is in the laundry. Making your clothes and linens soft and clean is easy. All you do is place a handful (4-5 nuts) in a small muslin bag (included) and throw the bag in your washer. Plus, they can be re-used up to three times, so it's highly economical. They're great for front-load and energy efficient models too because they don't over-suds. And the great part is that you can use the same bag up to three times! Once they're spent, just empty out the bag and throw them in your compost pile. No need for nasty fabric softener or dryer sheets. Soapnuts lift dirt and keep it from redepositing on clothes just like any other detergent. Clothes come out smelling fresh, naturally.

How do soapnuts work? Soapnuts contain natural components called saponins. These saponins act just like soap. The saponin molecule has one end that combines with water and one end that combines with oil, so it's able to lift up dirt and grime off clothes and keep it suspended in the water.

Comes with: 5 oz Soap Nuts (up to 20 loads of laundry), three muslin bags and instructions sheet.

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9 Reviews

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    Clean clothes & no toxins

    Posted by Emmer on 12th May 2023

    These organic soap nuts work great! I added essential oil to the muslin bag and the clothes smell wonderful.

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    Posted by JC on 26th Nov 2021

    These are great cleaning laundry, dishes, and general every day cleaning. I have an allergy to PEG and learned about these natural soap cleaners. I was surprised at how fast they shipped and even more surprised that there are small sachets included inside the bag. For laundry use, I put 4-6 per laundry load (we do about a medium load each time) with a couple of drops of scented essential oils and rinse with a mix of water and baking soda. The clothes are clean and soft. For dishes, I put about 5 in a mug with a top and shake vigorously, let it sit a bit, then use as needed to clean dishes. I use that same solution to do general cleaning of countertops and tables, dusting, walls, etc. It works really well. B&B is now my go-to place for organics in toiletries and cleaning supplies. Great customer service and fast delivery. Thank you!

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    Best alternative to detergent

    Posted by Candace K on 13th Aug 2019

    I started using these with my switch to natural products and now I can’t do my laundry without them. They work so well in washing clothes and even though the clothes don’t have a clear scent, they definitely smell refreshed. I love the smell of the soapnuts themselves and only wish they took on that scent but it’s great for people sensitive to scents. I also realized that I became allergic to the detergent I had previously used so these soapnuts are a lifesaver. I really love that I only need 6-8 of the soapnuts to do 4-5 loads (in cold water). Not to mention my clothes feel super soft now and I don’t use fabric softener or anything, just the soapnuts and sometimes a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. A great money, skin and clothes saver!

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    Organic soap nuts

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2018

    These berries are so effective at laundry . I am so glad I stumbled upon them

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    Soapnits for the wash

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2018

    This is a well kept secret! I use the sopanits , vinegar with a few drops of essential oils for softening ! Does a great job

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    Great for washing hair

    Posted by Patricia on 25th Nov 2015

    Lately I use this product (after making a liquid form according to instructions) to wash my hair. I rinse it thoroughly with a vinegar water solution, and am noticing that I have to wash my hair less frequently.

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    I love soapnuts

    Posted by Sarah Carwell on 15th Jul 2015

    I developed sensitivity to detergents and softeners and am thrilled to have found soapnuts. I live on the 3rd floor in a high rise & have to do laundry on the 1st so I love not having to take heavy laundry products along with me. I filled 2 small bags (about 4in square) from old clothes held together with safety pins so that I can add new soap nuts as they gradually wash away so that I get as much use from the soapnuts aa possible. My clothes come out looking clean and have hardly any wrinkles just hanging them up out of the washer. Soapnuts don't remove stains however so I treat any stains before washing. I find that I can leave the soapnuts in with the clothes for the entire wash & rinse cycles. They act as a softener as well as a cleaner.

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    You have to try soapnuts!

    Posted by Kathy on 24th Nov 2014

    I've been a devoted Tide detergent user for years, and I thought nothing could clean my clothes better, but I was so wrong! Soapnuts ... sounds crazy. Put a few of these hull things in a bag and throw it in with the wash? That can't work. They do work .. and they work well for so many other uses. Try them ... you'll love them!

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    Best Natural laundry Detergent

    Posted by Ellen Gaffney on 22nd Nov 2014

    I have used Soapnuts a few years ago and liked them then. I decided to try it again with using the Bumble Bee Organics. I love these much better. I do not use essential oils and my wash just smells clean and fresh. My whites are whiter then white. I use baking soda with the soapnuts. I love love this product. I just ordered my second batch. i have a lot of allergies to skin care these really help. I have no allergies any more with using this product.

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