Lavender Vanilla Organic Body Butter 8 oz

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  • Lavender Vanilla Organic Body Butter 8 oz
  • Lavender Vanilla Organic Body Butter 8 oz


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, organic vanilla extract, organic lavender essential oil. That's it... No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: USDA Certified Organic

  • Contains no water
  • No synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers
  • Goes on smooth
  • Shea butter protects and softens skin
  • Good value--a little bit goes a long way
  • Vegan, no animal testing
  • Gluten-free.

Heady and smooth. The floral earthiness of lavender mellowed with soft vanilla. Whipped organic shea butter moisturizes deeply, delivering essential protecting lipids to the skin, while organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat keep this formula smooth but not greasy. Unlike other body butters, ours is not water-based, so it has a different consistency than you might be used to. But that's a good thing--it is best described as having the consistency and feel of home-made frosting. Just pure, whipped, buttery paradise in a jar. A little bit goes a really long way--that is if you can resist reapplying it every 15 minutes because it smells and feels so good!

1. Apply a small amount to skin and rub in.
2. Re-apply wherever your skin needs it most.
3. To make it spread further, gently pat a bit of water onto your skin, then apply body butter.

Shelf Life10 months after date of purchase.

Size: 8 oz by volume at original whipped consistency. 

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16 Reviews

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    Body Butter

    Posted by Nane on 13th Dec 2020

    I got the lavender vanilla body butter. The scent is extremely strong that I really cannot wear it. I'm hoping that i can at least use it on my dry legs, where I'm completely covered and my nose is not affected.

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    Great product, uncertain about the scent

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Nov 2014

    I love this product, but the scent is a little too strong for me, particularly the lavender.

  • 4


    Posted by Kiki on 29th Mar 2021

    Body butter smells so good, but too oily. Not very moisturizing. It’s just a fun lotion to use.

  • 5

    Love this body butter

    Posted by Kambree on 27th May 2024

    This stuff is great! Not only does it moisturize your body but, I was also looking into what I can use as a heat protector for my hair and the ingredients in it are all great for having healthy hair. My hair has become much softer feeling and not as stringy. I bleach my hair couple times a year and this has saved it and even started to repair it from the bleach and heat I’ve used on my hair. So whether you need soft skin or just to have your hair repaired, this stuff works wonders! I would definitely recommend.

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    Best for dry winter skin!

    Posted by Lindsay D on 19th Mar 2022

    So I've been using & loving Bubble & Bee since my daughter was born & she just turned 9 last week. Every single product I buy from Bubble & Bee is top notch & I feel that I'm keeping my & my family's skin safe from nasty toxic chemicals when I use B & B. That being said, the body butter is amazing for my dry winter skin. I am also a water aerobics instructor, so on top of the winter dryness I also battle dryness due to chlorine. This body butter keeps my skin soft, lightly scented, comfortable & never greasy or itchy. The butter is concentrated & a little goes a long way, so start with a small amount & add more if needed. I have sensitive skin & I never have to worry about any of the B & B products irritating my skin. Another great product from Bubble & Bee!

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    Lovely before bed

    Posted by GNA on 21st Sep 2021

    I always use this before bed, and I fall asleep fast. Every night my child tells me "you smell so good all the time." lol He always loves the smell of this lotion, and the cherry vanilla deodorant. B&B products are the best! I'm so grateful I can trust the ingredients, and I don't have to worry about a thing.

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    Lavender Vanilla Body Butta

    Posted by Carole J Otero on 7th Oct 2020

    This body butter smells divine and is magic for those rough places like elbows and heels. Only downside is that my daughters and grand daughters are always "borrowing" some when they come over - it is going fast!!

  • 5


    Posted by Holly on 28th Nov 2019

    I am addicted to other B&B body Butters, so this was just an excuse to try new scents. This is very soothing and calming. I could see using this at night before bed. Will go great with the Lavender and Chamomile bar soap.

  • 5

    So calming!

    Posted by Lisa C. on 4th Mar 2019

    Not only is this super moisturizing, but it is has a lovely, warm, calming scent which my 4 year old loves before nap and bedtime! Fantastic on baby skin as well as adult skin!

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    Smells Amazing!

    Posted by Kimi on 17th Sep 2016

    I love the smell and texture of this body butter! It smells like fresh lavender, but it's not too strong. I think this is my favorite scent of all the body butters, but it sure is hard to pick just one! I really enjoy using this moisturizer because it works so well and smells fantastic!

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    my current favorite

    Posted by Marybeth Cresse on 18th Jun 2016

    I have tried most of the different scents of body butters and love each of them. All the scents are fresh and natural. This scent is currently my favorite.

  • 5

    It's like Butter, only better!

    Posted by Michele on 31st Mar 2016

    100% certain this is my favorite body moisturizer of all time. The creaminess is dreamy without being greasy! The smell is divine! And the moisturizing lasts ALL day long (and I have very dry skin). Love this stuff!

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    Posted by Jess M on 8th Feb 2016

    I absolutely love the B&B body butters --- they are my favorite of all the B&B products. Worth the money. The butter goes on very smooth. This one in particular is such a fun scent, relaxing and happy! They're all a decadent treat for your skin, and they make you glow. I have applied to my face as a moisturizer, and it doesn't make my face too oily if I use a very small dab.

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    Posted by Linda on 20th Jan 2015

    I was so excited to use the lavender & vanilla body butta and I wasn't disappointed! I've been a fan of the coconut & lime body butter for all of its wonderful moisturizing properties, but this is definitely a favorite for its warm inviting scent (not overpowering or too sweet IMO). I recommend this scent. It goes nicely with the lavender & vanilla pit putty too!

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    Love it!

    Posted by J on 25th Nov 2014

    This product smells so amazing and really lasts! It doesn't leave you extremely greasy like other body butters tend to do and it spreads nicely.

  • 5


    Posted by Michele Leaver on 30th Oct 2014

    This lotion might be the yummiest, most delicious lotion on the planet! I thought I couldn't possibly love anything more than the coconut lime...but I was wrong! The lavender vanilla is simply heavenly and it just soaks dreamily into the skin without being greasy. I LOVE this stuff!

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