Lotion Stick vs. Lip Balm -- What's the Difference?

Lotion Stick vs. Lip Balm...what's the difference?
You may have noticed that our lip balms and lotion sticks have similar or identical ingredients lists. So what's the difference? Can a lotion stick be used as a lip balm? Is the lotion stick just a bigger version of the lip balm?
Our organic lotion sticks and lip balms each have a slightly different base formula -- lotion sticks have just a touch more cocoa butter and beeswax so the formula really sticks on and in your skin to create a protective moisture barrier that sticks on your skin, even if you're working with your hands. 
The lip balms also have beeswax and cocoa butter, but just a slightly higher percentage of sunflower oil than the lotion sticks, so they glide on your lips easily without tugging on delicate facial skin. 
So, yes, you can you a lotion stick as a lip balm in a pinch, but you'll notice it doesn't go on quite as smoothly. 
Either way, you can feel good about putting only safe and organic ingredients on your skin and lips! 
16th Apr 2021

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