Lotion Stick Changes

Our lotion sticks have a new look!

pomegranate organic lotion stickIn the spring I was alerted to the fact that the manufacturer had discontinued our lotion stick tubes! Despite my (and others') pleas, they were not willing to make any more of them due to the costs of the equipment.

I was able to find a similar tube that would allow us to keep our same label, but it ended up holding a little bit less product. So, with this packaging change, we've adjusted the price of lotion sticks to reflect this change. Lotion sticks are now $5.99 (down from $7.95). The tube is the same size on the outside so we were able to use our same label. The new tubes are fancy with a gold trim, made from the same PP #5 plastic. 

I have a caseload of these tubes, but when we're out (probably some time next year) we'll have to find yet another tube, as this tube was from a packaging clearinghouse. We're looking at a lot of different ideas, including plastic-free options. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see for the future!

7th Oct 2020 Stephanie Greenwood

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