COVID Updates February 2021

Just a few notes on some out-of-stock items. 

Salt Scrubs

Right now, our supplier of the nice gold salt scrub lids is out of stock until April. Even though this was supposed to be a continuous supply, COVID has affected their ability to get more in at this time. I could try an alternative lid, but but the time I got them ordered, tested, and decided on, then ordered in bulk, the original lid would be available. So there are a couple scents of salt scrubs that are out of stock until our shipment of lids arrive. I've been looking for the same lid through other suppliers without luck. 

Splash of Lime Toning Mist

Our Splash of Lime Toning Mist has been hard to keep in stock. Our supplier of the extracts we were using discontinued that line of extracts, so we're switching to making all of the extracts in-house. However, each extract has to be submitted as a unique product with our organic certifier, and the Splash of Lime formula re-approved each time with that new extract. I had to get our new body butter labels submitted for approval, along with our annual paperwork for certification first. Now I can focus on getting more of these extracts in our system. I can't live without my Splash of Lime myself, so rest-assured that it will be back! In the meantime we'll be offering an alternative toner that we're excited about, though. Stay tuned!

Mint Items

You might see us run out of a few items containing peppermint. To be honest, that wasn't a COVID delay, that was me not getting peppermint oil ordered in time. Oops! To be fair, our supplier *is* a little slower than usual. But we had two full bottles of peppermint essential oil and then all of the sudden it was gone. Shoot. It is on the way, though! 

We continue to be committed to being a workplace of "zero spread" of COVID-19. So far so good -- all of our measures have been working. But, like everyone, we're ready for this thing to be over with and to return to "normal." We just wanna hug our friends and family again! 

11th Feb 2021

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