Company Status + COVID Response

Updated April 4

Order Processing Times
Unless there's a special order item (like Design-a-Sprays) orders typically ship the same or next business day. Processing times are currently unaffected by the pandemic.  


While our processing times are currently caught up, there may be slight transit delays on some shipments. On March 18th, Salt Lake City was rocked with a 5.7 earthquake that damaged the control tower and other critical structures at the airport. All flights have been grounded since then, so without being able to get packages on planes, delivery service *may* take longer than usual in transit due to this natural disaster. 

Order Pickups

We have temporarily suspended order pickups for any new orders placed on or after March 24th to do our part at minimizing social contact.


We haven't had to lay off any employees and are currently able to keep up with inventory demand. Employees are of course are required to stay home if they are showing signs of illness. I have a little fund set aside for paid leave should any of our employees be quarantined or if our city goes on "lockdown."  Currently, we aren't hiring anyone new until the pandemic is under control. 


We've ben able to continue to source quality organic ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Some shipments have 

been delayed due to increased demand they've experienced. However, the disruption to our supply chain has been minimal. 

Soaps seem to be the hardest thing to keep in stock. I had one staff member that had really gotten the soap process down and we were able to keep up with demand, but then he had to move out of state. Since I'm not hiring anyone at the moment, due to the close proximity one has to work for training, I'm taking care of making the soap myself. I sneak back in the production room and work on it when I can between my staff's shifts or on the weekends. 

The new room we're building will have a dedicated soap station, and I'm hoping to be able to increase the batch sizes so we can keep up with demand!

Measures Already in Place

We're pretty obsessive about keeping our production space and warehouse clean, so we haven't had to alter our practices much. (Oh the amount of isopropyl alcohol we go through!) Our organic certification practices and processes give us another measure of protection. For instance, equipment and surfaces in the production room are not just washed, but also sanitized with alcohol between use. We wear gloves and hairnets and even booties on our feet. We have an "airlock" room at the entrance of production, with motion-activated blowers that blow hair and dust off clothing before entering the production area. Additionally, each individual unit that comes out of production (even lip balms!) are cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol. 

Further Measures

We're 6 people spread out over two buildings at different parts of the days, so it's a low-risk environment for spreading "the virus."  Nevertheless, we're taking measures like staggering our shifts and duties, using assigned restrooms, increased hand-washing and regular sanitizing of surfaces we use a lot (like computer keyboards). We've got an arsenal of vitamins and supplements in the break room and a pile of hand sanitizer and alcohol to keep our hive healthy. 

The Future

As long as the post office continues to run, and as long as we all remain in good health, we will continue to operate as usual. Based out of the town of Bountiful, UT, we're fortunate to be in a place with a lower population density. We don't expect our area to go on lockdown. That said, in these times it's certainly difficult to predict the future. (Hello, earthquake!) If our town does go on lockdown, I will camp out at the office and continue to operate the company as much as I physically can. I started this business in the middle of a recession and am committed as ever to continue to make safe, pure, and healthy products for everyone! 


19th Mar 2020

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