About Our New Look

You may have noticed that our logo and some of our products have a new look! Over the course of the coming weeks and months, we'll be rolling out new labels and, in some cases, bottles and jars for our products so all of our products have a new, more updated, simplified, and cohesive look. We wanted to keep the fun spirit of our branding from years past, but give our products a "consistent brand image" as marketing peeps would say. As we go along, there may be "clearance" deals on products with the "old" packaging so keep your eyes on our website's "clearance" section for some great deals. 

We're excited to give our product line a facelift after 12 years in business. It's time for a new energy! But even though we're changing our packaging, we will not be reformulating any of our products. We're still committed as ever to creating fresh, pure, organic products that we make by hand in our USDA Certified Organic Processing Facility. No organic certifications will be changing and and neither will our ingredient suppliers. The only changes to the products will be the packaging.

Our business philosophy will also remain the same. We're not giving ourselves a facelift so we can sell the company or try to get in to Target. We will continue to be committed to selling directly to you and small retailers, so we don't have the pressures from store chains or investors to continually lower costs (and compromise quality!)  

We hope you enjoy our fresh new vibe!

8th May 2019 Stephanie Greenwood

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