Unscented Organic Lip Balm

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Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax. That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: USDA Certified Organic


  • Buttery-smooth
  • Protects and moisturizes dry lips
  • No synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers
  • Stays on lips a long time after application
  • Can last up to 1 to 2 months depending on usage
  • No animal testing
  • Gluten-free.

Description: Does lip balm usually chap your lips even more? Do you get "addicted" to lip balm? If so, you could be sensitive to fragrances and essential oils. When these oils get on your lips, they can dry and irritate them even more, making you use more of the offending lip balm, creating a vicious circle. Let us heal your lips the purest, simplest way with our Organic Unscented Lip Balm, and you won't have to deal with irritating lip balms anymore!

This lip balm is free of any kind of fragrance and is sure to make your lips velvety smooth and kissably healthy. Our customers tell us our lip balm is the BEST they've ever tried. Why? Because we use the purest, highest quality ingredients--absolutely no cheap ingredients like petrochemicals or fillers. Organic beeswax and cocoa butter moisturize, while organic sunflower oil brings healthy fatty acids and lipids to your lips, helping heal dryness and sun damage. We leave this lip balm unscented for a completely natural experience, so you can enjoy the subtle hints of sweet beeswax and cocoa butter while your lips heal. With absolutely no artificial flavorings, colorings or harmful chemicals this gentle lip balm is just pure organic moisture!

See what customers say about our Unscented Lip Balm!

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45 Reviews

  • 5
    so soothing

    Posted by Bethany Linville on 7th Jul 2019

    I've been getting a weird eczema/dermatitis on my lips and can't figure out what's causing the meantime, I need something that will soothe and protect my lips without any potential irritants...and this has done the trick! Love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Forest Statham on 15th Jun 2019

    I used chapstick for about 5 years and developed a brown spot on my lip. Trashed it and went to this and have been using for the last 13 years with lips in perfect shape. Love the real honey smell!

  • 5
    Great for very sensitive dry lips

    Posted by Brittany Daniels on 30th Dec 2018

    My lips get dry when it starts getting cold in Georgia and this lip balm moisturizes my lips without any reactions that lip balms with preservatives, including vitamin E and fragrance/essential oils that add a good smell to them does. Bubble & Bee please make more unscented products including an unscented hair oil that will add moister to my hair and an unscented shampoo would be nice as well.

  • 5
    The only other to get an unscented minimum ingredient lip balm is to make it yourself.

    Posted by Wing on 26th Nov 2018

    If you're in the market for an unscented lip balm that has just the minimum amount of ingredients needed to do the job, this is pretty much your only choice other than making it yourself. If you get it when it is on sale it's also a good deal. It works and only has a very very slight taste of the natural ingredients which is totally fine with me.

  • 5
    Best natural lip balm

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2018

    I’ve been purchasing the unscented lip balm for years and it’s my very favorite as I don’t like a lot of scents. My kids like the various scented balms. This is a great natural product and lasts a long time.

  • 5
    Best natural lip balm

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2018

    I’ve been purchasing the unscented lip balm for years and it’s my very favorite as I don’t like a lot of scents. My kids like the various scented balms. This is a great natural product and lasts a long time.

  • 5
    Best lip balm ever!!!!

    Posted by Sierra on 6th Mar 2018

    This is the most moisturizing, long lasting lip balm I've ever tried. Now i can't use any other brand!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Shelby on 3rd Mar 2018

    I was an avid Blistex user because my lips dry easily and crack. I even Have to wear overnight. But I love this stuff. Feels so lovely and not like medicine. I ordered another one plus 2 of the scented ones.

  • 5
    Love this Lip Balm

    Posted by Tracy on 4th Feb 2018

    This is the perfect lip balm, goes on so smooth, no scent, helps and feels so good. I have used for a few years now and cannot use any other lip balm. I also put it on my girls, ages 9 and 11, noses when they have colds and red on the side of their noses from blowing so much, it completely helps and the redness goes away. My girls also like the scented lip balms for their lips. Mostly, greatly appreciate that this is a natural, safe product, chemical free! Thank you!!!

  • 5
    Safe and Effective!

    Posted by Annie on 14th Oct 2017

    This is the only lip balm I have been able to use. I just recently ran out and tried something else - forgetting how sensitive my lips are. I won't make that mistake again!

  • 5
    Works great and no irritation!

    Posted by Annemarie Romano on 18th Mar 2017

    I am very pleased with this lip balm! I have been having issues with my lip balms for the past 2 years and my lips have become very sensitive and are very red and inflammed. This lip balm has been soothing and keeps my lips moisturized without any annoying irritation!

  • 5
    unscented lip balm

    Posted by Anne on 2nd Dec 2016

    This is a wonderful lip balm. It has great last-ability. :-)

  • 2
    It ids sorta greasy

    Posted by Mary on 18th Nov 2016

    I wanted to lick it. I tried it a few times, but it is not for me. I suppose maybe if it was very dry in the house because of the heating system, if might be OK. But in TX, the heat has not come on yet.

  • 5
    Great For Chronically Dry Lips

    Posted by KD on 18th Aug 2016

    I had been looking for 15 years trying to find a lip balm that didn't have something I was allergic to or didn't want to put on my lips, when I picked up a tube of Bubble & Bee and read the label. I practically cried right there in the store! I had been using Crisco on my lips, but couldn't take that with me easily when I was out and about. This works great and keeps my lips hydrated, which has been a real challenge. I love that there are no icky ingredients and I get all the moisturizing I need. Great Stuff!

  • 5
    unscented lip balm

    Posted by Lisa T on 10th Jul 2016

    My youngest has multpile allergies and I have to be very careful what he puts on his skin. This fits the bill and helps with dry lips.

  • 5
    lip balm

    Posted by Anne on 21st May 2016

    This is the best lip balm I have ever used. It last a long time and feels great on your lips.

  • 5
    Love this!

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2016

    I love the minimal ingredients and the quality. It works so well and I don't worry about using this on my children since it has such awesome ingredients.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2016

    This is the first lip balm that does not cause the skin on my lips to peel. Once again, you have solved a skin problem for me! Bubble and Bee are unquestionably the best, safest, and calming products on the market.

  • 5
    works great!

    Posted by Liz on 3rd Apr 2016

    This product works great! My kids and I struggle with chapped lips and this product really works! Thanks!

  • 5
    Best Lip Balm Ever!

    Posted by Andrew on 15th Dec 2015

    Lip balm is de rigueur in the Arizona desert. So many of the mainstream lip balms are full of nasty, toxic stuff that can cause problems over time. I've tried a lot of "natural" lip balms and, the Bubble and Bee unscented stuff is the best by far. I'm very happy to have found it. It works great.

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