We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and choosing materials in our packaging that are safe for our planet AND our health. 

Order Packing Materials:

We re-use incoming materials from ingredient and component shipments instead of throwing it away. This means that you might have bubble wrap in your order, or funky looking paper. It's been re-used, not purchased. 

The only packing material we actually purchase is kraft recycled paper and starch-based peanuts. These are made from corn and dissolve in water! 

By law, we're required to double-bag all liquids. If something spills at the post office and they don't know what it is, they can shut down that branch of the post office. If it ends up being one of our packages and something was not bagged properly, we can be held responsible financially for this shut down to the tune of tens of thousands of orders. So anything with a liquid is bagged by law, and also to protect other products in the case of a leak. We try really hard to avoid leaks but sometimes things happen. The bags we use are recycle-able. 

Product Packaging:

Most new products since 2015 have been packaged in glass. Pit Primer, our Toning Mists and Witch Hazel. Our deodorant creams are packaged in glass as well as our new toothpastes!

In 2019 I switched our soap bar packaging to completely compostable cello bags and labels. I also switched our soapnuts packaging to a compostable bag. 

In 2022 I switched our lotion sticks to cardboard-based tubes instead of plastic. 

In 2023 we are currently trying to phase out as much conventional shrink wrap as possible and switching to compostable tape or compostable shrink wrap. We don't have all products switched, but we are continuing to do so as more options become available to us. 

Where we have room to improve: 

We always have room to improve and this is an ongoing process. When I started my company in 2007 I didn't have full control over the company (or my life.) (For the full story check out my podcast episode here.) The market didn't have as many sustainable options and while I was able to keep our ingredients pure, I wasn't allowed to make certain choices when it came to packaging. I took full control of my company (and life) in 2018 and since then have been slowly switching products over to more sustainable options. However, many people have come to rely on our products packages as they originally were. Ie. children who play with the shower gel in the bath wouldn't safely be able to do that with glass. Additionally products like Pit Putty, due to the production process, are unable to be packaged otherwise. 

One project I'm currently working on is transitioning our Pit Perfects to a really cool more sustainable option; it will require a significant financial investment as well as approval from our organic certifier, but it is something I continue to work on. 

Thank you for your support! Please reach out if you ever have any other questions!