Organic Deodorant

Organic Deodorant

Organic Deodorant USDA Certified for all skin types

Choosing an organic deodorant is an important way to reduce your exposure to toxins in your everyday products. Deodorants (as opposed to antiperspirants) let your body do its natural job of regulating temperature and eliminating toxins through sweat. There are many types of natural deodorants and SO many options to choose from! That's because there's no *one* right option for everyone. Finding the right deodorant for you means finding the right blend of ingredients and method of application for your particular body chemistry.

For the Heavy Sweater

img-2333.pngPair a cream and a powder-based stick to both stay on skin and absorb sweat. Pit Putty Deodorant Stick and Pit Putty Creams work as a great pair for heavier sweaters. Reapply the stick throughout the day to absorb wetness as-needed.


For the Rash-Prone Underarm

sensitive-skin-starter-pack-copy.jpgKeeping moisture and friction down alleviates most underarm irritation problems. Pair a sensitive cream that creates a protective barrier on skin to protect against chafing, and a powder-based stick to draw moisture out of the skin and also reduce friction.  


For Hard-to-Control Odor

pit-primer.jpegStrong odors can be caused by a number of factors, from clothing to diet to genetics. Check out our tips for eliminating odors naturally. Using a Pit Primer with live enzymes can eliminate odors on-the-go. 


For the Everyday Sweater


Choose a stick with wetness-absorbing powders and odor-blocking essential oils in a no-mess, no-fuss stick application. 



For the Tank-top lover


Choose a spray that goes on clear with no visible residue. A great idea for on-the-go deodorizing. 




Trends Come and Go. Our Products Don't. 

steph-revised.jpgSince we started Bubble & Bee Organic in 2007, we've seen a lot of competing deodorants come and go. Companies started by venture capitalists and then sold to multi-national corporations. Companies that have focused on gaining distribution in retail chains more than focusing on quality and making skin-safe products.

We refuse to compromise on our ingredients, our formulas, and production methods. That's why after 15 years in business we've continued to offer our products directly to you, not to big box chains. Fresh batches, made with care, with organic, safe, and effective ingredients made by real people, shipped to real people. 

usda-organic-logo.gifThe only time we've ever reformulated our products is to make them more organic. For instance, we reformulated all of our spray deodorants a couple years ago so we could make them certified organic instead of just "all natural."