Lime Shower Gel 16 oz

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  • Lime Shower Gel 16 oz
  • Lime Shower Gel 16 oz
  • Lime Shower Gel 16 oz
  • Lime Shower Gel 16 oz


Ingredients: Organic coconut oil saponified, organic olive oil saponified, organic jojoba oil saponified, vegetable glycerin, organic guar gum, organic aloe vera leaf juice, organic lime essential oil, rosemary flower extract That's it! No "Bad" Stuff!


  • No sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens
  • No synthetic chemicals of any kind
  • No added water
  • Concentrated--great value
  • Gel creates a rich, long-lasting lather, 
  • Added vegetable glycerin moisturizes skin
  • Vegan & no animal testing
  • Gluten-free.

Description: "Wow, it smells just like a fresh-squeezed lime!" That's what people tell us when they open up a bottle of this luscious lime shower gel. And it's no surprise--we tell them it smells like lime because it is lime! Scented only with pure, organic lime essential oil, not a synthetic fragrance, this soap-based gel won't dry skin and is chemical-free. Added vegetable glycerin helps moisturize skin while saponified organic oils give you plenty of cleansing suds. Safe for people of all ages 6 months and up, this shower gel will be you and your family's favorite for years to come. So lather up! It's perfect for shaving legs, all-over cleansing, hand-washing--wherever you need a citrusy splash of rich, clean suds!

Hey! Check out our foamer bottles! You can make a foaming hand soap for pennies by diluting the shower gel in a foamer! 

See what customers say about our lime shower gel!

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Best wake up medicine

    Posted by Julie on 29th Nov 2018

    I love the orange and the lime body wash for my morning shower. So fresh and citrus-y it just perks ya right up! Smells fresh cut not fake. Wonderful moisture properties and having Celiacs I need gluten free, which is amazing! I use the lavender body wash at night after workout, so fresh and soothing. Perfect for bedtime!!!

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    Love it!

    Posted by Tracy on 27th Oct 2018

    We love this shower gel, it suds up very nicely with a loofah. My two girls, ages 10 and 12, picked the scent and they love it. The smell is just like refreshing lime. I am so glad to have a good, safe, chemical-free shower gel for them to use.
    Thank you!!

  • 5
    Lime Shower Gel

    Posted by Cynthia from Cape Cod on 6th May 2018

    Wow. This lime shower gel is sends you to the tropics! The scent is exactly that of fresh squeezed limes!! Makes me want to have a margarita in the shower! ;-) The lather is luxurious and silky and a little goes a long way. I just love it! Have already reordered it and use it in a foamer on the sink as well. Thank you for your amazing work and products!

  • 5

    Posted by Carl T on 29th Apr 2018

    Definitely an eye opener. Trust me my friends, this bodywash is a breath of fresh lime that will make you feel exhilarated and kickstart your day or night.

  • 5
    I want to drink this it smells so good!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2016

    I adore this soap. I use it as a regular body wash and for shaving. The smell is completely divine! Best of all, I love knowing that I can trust it to be free of any nasty chemicals. Thank you Bubble & Bee!!!

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    Great body wash

    Posted by Kusandha on 4th Apr 2016

    This is an excellent body wash. I have very dry skin and this doesn't aggravate this or make it worse. Most soaps dry me out a lot, not so with this body wash.

    I'm also particularly careful of scents in products I use. I like the natural and light nature of the lime scent of this body wash.

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    great shower gel

    Posted by mary on 21st Sep 2015

    Like this product a lot -- the fragrance is wonderful -- wish it wasn't quite so pricey, but your frequent discount offers and coupons do help with that and are much appreciated. Appreciate the free shipping on orders of $50 or more. I can manage an order that size much better.

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    lime shower gel

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2015

    Clean and refreshing

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    This is my shower gel

    Posted by Ross A. Christensen on 5th Aug 2015

    I'm a chef who loves limes so the natural lime scent of this shower gel is one of the bright spots of my day. Do you want to know what it smells like? Cut a lime in half, now smell, That's it.
    A word of warning, this shower gel is one of those "little goes a long way" things so don't use as much as you would with drugstore shower gels. What I would normally use on just my hair (of the drugstore brands) will do my entire body with the lime shower gel and trust me, I have a big body! I'm going to purchase several more bottles before winter since I live in the Rockies and occasionally get snowed in for a couple of months and I don't want to run out. I like it THAT much.

  • 4
    Works well

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2015

    I like this shower gel, but next time I would like to try a less fruity smell. The lime is a bit strong for me but it's a personal preference. I know many people love it. I will also get the foam bottle next time.

  • 5
    Smells so good! Just like fresh limes.

    Posted by Lindsey on 24th Nov 2014

    I like all of the shower gels by Bubble and Bee, but this one is my favorite. It smells sooo good. It is a nice pick-me-up smell during my morning shower. I have really sensitive skin, and none of the shower gels by Bubble and Bee bother me or dry my skin out.

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