FlaxPro Dark Flax Seeds 10 oz

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FlaxPro seeds have gone through special processing to make them as potent and as fresh as possible. They go through a cleansing rinse and mild heating. The heating process removes moisture content so they stay fresher longer and have a higher nutritional value and nutrient availability. This heating process is gentle, and does not diminish the quality of the omega-3 oil contained in the seed. And there's no need to grind them--they're ready to use. The seeds are air-sealed so you receive the freshest seeds available. They come in a handy shaker container so you can sprinkle them on salads or eat them right out of the jar. 

Why we love FlaxPro Flax seeds better than regular flax seeds:

  • Fresh nutty taste
  • No need to grind
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Higher nutrient availability
  • No added salt
  • Stay-fresh packaging

We have found that the quality of these seeds exceed any other flax seeds that we have tried. Their unique processing and packaging make them fresher and more potent. So, although they're 100% natural, but not organic, we prefer them over the organic brands. It does no good to eat organic if the seeds are rancid and fishy smelling. Some companies cover up fishy smelling flax seeds with salt. FlaxPro seeds are salt-free and completely pure.

Along with my pens and stapler, FlaxPro Flax Seeds are a necessity on my desk. I'm one of those people that hates taking pills and supplements because I always forget to take them. But I never forget to snack! That's why getting the benefits of FlaxPro Flax seeds is so easy. I just have them on hand and when I get the urge to snack, I grab 'em and take a swig right from my bottle!

Golden Flax Seeds have a slightly milder taste than the brown, and contain slightly more omega-3 oils. My personal preference, however, is the brown.

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